Monday, March 12, 2012

sunshine is good for the soul.

After the week from you know where last week, I was determined to turn my frown upside down, see the glass half full, and any other pump you up cliche I could think of this weekend.

Saturday morning I got a little brave and decided I could take Lacy in for her yearly exam while wrangling le toddler by myself. All before noon. Yikes.

But we made it. In spite of (because of?), my little assistant who insisted on hollering "Lacy! Sit down!", "Lacy come here!" and "Lacy lie down!" over and over and over.

Bless any younger siblings this one might have....

After stopping by Chick-fil-a to get the Diet Dr. Pepper my nerves now needed, we headed home for lunch, a nap, and some sanitizing of the toddler who just crawled around the vet hospital for an hour. I was determined to get outside once she woke up because I knew that the cure for what was ailing me was some good 'ol Vitamin D.

So when Tiffany mentioned the park that afternoon, I was so there.

I made my errands quick and we rushed right on over to play with Tiffany and T. And it was fantastic.

In minutes my spirits were lifted. Call it the sun, the two adorable toddlers laughing and running, or the friend who is so easy to talk too and even easier to laugh with, but the afternoon was an insta mood lifter.

Thank goodness. I was starting to annoy myself.

I am so ready for spring. Which is crazy because we barely had winter, but it was winter enough in that it was cold for a few days and everything was dead. Just gross.

I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way as my Reader blew up with pictures of zoos and parks and sweet babies in bubbles this morning. All of which further makes me have the happy face.

Welcome back sunshine. Please stick around.


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Those jeans and stripes sweater? So cute! She looks so grown up...especially with the cell phone in hand!

Glad you got to enjoy a little sunshine1

Brown Girl said...

I just love BG, her outfit is too cute. Love that little sweater.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I adore all her little outfits in this post ;)

Tiff said...

So I am just getting around to seeing this post since I was on the road yesterday. I love all these pictures.

They are such great kiddos! :) We are really lucky.

Lucy Marie said...

I am SO SO SO dying. She and E sound IDENTICAL in how they treat their dogs. E is SO bossy to Nika and Lyla. "NIKA COME HERE NOW! NIKA SIT BUM! NIKA WALK!" Hahaha I love it.

And truly, sunshine IS the best medicine isn't it?

LG said...

Those pictures are so cute I can't stand it!!

LG said...

Those pictures are so cute I can't stand it!!


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