Monday, February 1, 2010

30 weeks

*Please ignore the picture of Scary Spice. This has been a hard weekend for this girl and I barely even remembered to take this picture. I've been up every 2 hours since Friday to medicate and take care of Mr. Perfect, and it's kicking my tail. So sorry if this one is short, but I still wanted to get it up here for my Baby Girl.*
Total Weight Gained/Loss? Still up about 17, but going back to the doctor tomorrow, so we'll see what that number has done in two weeks...

Maternity Clothes: Only thing comfortable is yoga pants, leggings, dresses, and maternity shirts. Forget jeans.

Sleep? Not this week. But I can't really give a fair assessment as it's not Baby Girl keeping me up this week.

Best Moment of the Week? She gets hiccups a lot now and then she gets frustrated and goes crazy. It feels so weird but it cracks me up!

Movement- Her movement has no rationale. She moves when she wants. Some days she's really, really quiet, others, she won't settle down. If I'm all over the place or worked up about something, she's very quiet. Figured that out this week. I figure she hates stressful situations like her mama.

Food Craving- Snickers and now Snickers ice cream bars.

Food aversions- meat. blech.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks. They are getting pretty frequent. Go ahead and get me ready for the big day 'ol uterus.

Belly Button- top half is out, bottom half is still in but is oh so shallow.

What I miss- Being able to breathe. Being able to bend over normally. My energy.

What I'm looking forward to- We're at doctors appointments every 2 weeks. Makes me realize how close it is!

Weekly Wisdom- I can't do this this week. I am way too tired.

Milestones- Only 10 weeks til she gets here. Wow.


MissJody said...

Your Tummy is sooo cute :)

I hopoe he feels better soon.

Get some sleep Momma!!

Kassie said...

I'm so sorry you're struggling right now. :( You guys are in my prayers!

Annie said...

oh no :(
i'm sorry to hear your mr. is sick. i hope you get to catch up on some sleep soon you poor girl.
enjoy some snickers and relax hun!
thinking of you three, praying :) sending hugs!

A.B. said...

I don't know you, but love following your blog. It's helping me prepare for my baby come July!

Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear he is sick, hope he feels beter soon!

In this wonderful life... said...

you are looking good for working so hard!!! 10 weeks is SOON!!


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