Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Has anyone else noticed that Simon Cowell is most def wearing eye liner on Idol?! And that Ellen has scary eyes?

No? That's just me. Whatever.

Being 33 1/2 weeks pregnant has made a huge change in my life. I have a new bed. I miss you Mr. Perfect, but our recliner is my new best friend. Best baby purchase ever, hands down.

My dogs are really stressing me out at the moment. Please tell me that gets better when the baby gets here. Because right now I'm freaking out that I won't be able to handle them and her. Gah.

I am very uncomfortable at work. Come on maternity leave.....

We got a little spring teaser this week and now it's blame cold again. Come on warm weather. I cannot take it much longer!

We had another doctors appointment this past Tuesday. My baby has a head full of hair (you can see it floating in the fluid and that is so weird), her chubby cheeks are even chubbier, and she has the cutest little mouth and nose. Oh I love her!! However, she needs to chill out on the growing. She gained 7 ounces bringing her up to 5 pounds 11 ounces already. And she still has a big 'ol head. Ouch. Her stress test went ok. My appointment was right at lunch time so I hadn't eaten in a while, so she was pretty tired. We had to pull every trick in the book (caffeine, the buzzer, crackers) to get her moving. She definitely gets her desire to sleep honestly. Somebody's like their mother! But she did great. This little girl is getting ready to make her appearance!

Hope y'all are having a great week!


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Wow...even more similarities between us...I came home during lunch one day this week and sat here for an hour listening to a dog bark down the street NON-STOP and thought to myself that I will not be able to tolerate this once my baby comes. Had I had a gun, I would have shot that dog. I swear, pregnancy does weird things to your body and mind...I can hardly tolerate animals or people these days.

How's your parental situation? Mine texted me tonight and obviously didn't like what I said...I haven't heard back.

So jealous you got another ultrasound...but, love all that hair your baby has!

Anonymous said...

OMG I am getting sooooo excited. I feel like I know you in IRL and will probably cry at the first tweet or post when I see she has arrived!

Anonymous said...

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