Monday, February 15, 2010

32 weeks- 8 months!

Total Weight Gained/Loss? up 22 but we get a damage update tomorrow. Gag.

Maternity Clothes: yep. But still just living in yoga pants and Mr. Perfect's tees at home. Even my scrubs are uncomfortable. I wish society was ok with nakedness.... Or that I was, whatever. Obvs, clothes, not so comfortable.

Sleep? This week has actually been a lot better. It still takes me a while to get to sleep, but when I'm there, I'm there. I sleep hard. Only waking up about twice a night to go to the bathroom too because she's moved up so high. Hello sweet relief.. well, for my bladder. Not my lungs.

Best Moment of the Week? Had my 2nd shower on Saturday. This little girl is loved.

Movement- Constant. I've got feet in my ribs, a butt that pokes out around my belly button, and a child that rolls around like a fish all day. I love it.

Food Craving- I've become a muncher. I've never been a muncher. I'm equal opportunity too. Whatever is around is fair game. Oh, and I can't drink enough apple juice. That's new too.

Food aversions- seafood. blech.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks. A lot.

Belly Button- the whole thing is flat right now. I think she's hanging out under there...

What I miss- I can't sit still! I am so uncomfortable. I just cannot breathe. I can barely get through a church service now because I cannot sit up right. I either have to be walking around or laying down. That's it. Otherwise she attaches herself like an amoeba to my lungs and I can't breathe. I miss running. I think because I feel so large, I'm really missing my exercise routine.

What I'm looking forward to- doctor tomorrow and seeing her again!

Weekly Wisdom- Ignore peoples comments. This week I've gotten some comments on how large I am which hurts because that's never fun to hear, but then I get comments on how small I still am. Point is, everyone is going to have their opinions. Take care of yourself and your baby and the rest will work itself out.

Milestones- We are 8 months pregnant people!!

And while we're talking pregnancy.. My best blog buddy, Megan, who has become a real life friend, is also pregnant with her first and they just found out that her baby has some complications. I can't tell you how my heart breaks for her. So if you get a chance, please pray for her family and that God will take care of her little Cohen. And stop by and let her know that you are thinking of her...


Brown Girl said...

You are looking fabulous girl! Congrats on 8 months! Not much longer till we get to see baby girl! So exciting.

Preppy 101 said...

Still looking like a doll! I bet you are so excited. Nothing but joy to come!! xoxo

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Does your friend, Megan, have a public blog that I can access?

Apple, I've been craving that for months. And, I am so jealous that your baby moved up high...because mine is still low and pushing on my bladder constantly. =)

Miss Jody said...

* 8 months!!
{{Leg Kick in air}}

Mrs. B said...

8 months! This is great!

And don't listen to those people who are telling your that you're "large". Every time I read your update with your weight gain, I have to scroll back up to the picture and look. And then I ask myself "Where? There's no way she's put on that weight...scale *must* be wrong!"

You look great! And I know you're excited to meet your little girl!

Lindsey said...

You look GORGEOUS!!

Annie said...

you look great hun!!
your little one is going to be here so soon!! :)

i follow megan too...praying for baby cohen!

Sara said...

OK, you are definitely not that big. And 22 pounds seems healthy to me. Only one moth left; that's so exciting. Are you getting anxious at all?

I've been praying for Megan and baby Cohen as well. So hard to understand why these things happen.


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