Tuesday, June 22, 2010

our week with the marine. pt. 1- memorial day wknd

We had such a good time visiting with the Marine when he finally returned home. He made his way down to Coastal Town the day after he got back in the States. We managed to cram plenty of activity into out (2) weeks with the Uncle.

On 5-29, we celebrated my Aunt's birthday as well as the Marines homecoming with a dinner at my grandparents. Of course we were late getting over there but since it was because of this..

...I was perfectly okay with not rushing. I love these two together!

We finally made it to the g-parents for dinner and cake.

Baby Girl had grabbed this card on her own and could not figure out why we all were going nuts about it. She's just so cute!

Yes, that's my Dad cheesing in the background. =)

After dinner we went out to play with the Marine's new toy...

I did not okay this.. and it will not happen again!

The next day we headed to church for the Memorial Day service. Guess who made us late?!?

Not BG and I. We were ready in plenty of time, but the boys... way late. There's a problem when the two girls are ready first. Just sayin'...

It was a great, very emotional service. They pulled all of the retired and active military up on stage and not going to lie, I choked up a bit when my parents and the Marine headed up to the stage. So stinking proud of my family.

After church we headed back to the g-parents for pictures. It didn't last long because BG slipped into meltdown mode since she hadn't napped in the nursery at church.

The boys spent the rest of their day doing this..

Baby Girl spent the rest of the day playing with Pops and Nonny.

We headed back over to the g-parents the next day for a Memorial Day low country boil.

The Marine getting ready to change his first (and only) diaper of the trip. Or probably ever!

We pulled out some old pictures to see if we could see any of me in Baby Girl.

We couldn't. Boo.

We ate our weight in low country and then headed back to the house. My bff, KP, and her family came over. Uncle Marine hadn't met KP's little girl Katie yet, so of course she had to come over. Which BG was happy about because it's her bestie.

It's funny because when Uncle met, there were no babies here. And two years ago, none of us girls were in the "family mindset" quite yet. It's such a drastic change and he remarked about how cool it was seeing us as Mom's. I bet it's weird, but I love this new dynamic of all of our lives.

Katie & U.M.

KP and her family with U.M.

It was such a great Memorial Day weekend spent with family and amazing friends. And of course it was a bit sweeter this year since Uncle Marine had just returned home.


Belle on Heels said...

uncle marine is hot! just putting that out there :)

Virginia Belle said...

Looks like such a great Memorial Day! The picture of BG on the back of the bike is priceless! So jealous that you got to have Low Country Boil :)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

E gets cuter everytime I see her. I, too, get emotional at military services. My family is VERY military. Another thing we have in common!

Anonymous said...

That first picture is just too cute!!

Kristin said...

I am DYING over your Dad in that pic...Hysterical! And the lil' lady is gorgeous as always!

Annie said...

the pictures are so cute!!
your little lady is just a doll! love those little cheeks!
glad you all had a great weekend together :)

Brown Girl said...

Looks like a fun time with the Marine. My Marine bro is coming into town next week. Can't wait!

Kassie said...

Her little Memorial Day dress is so sweet!! :)

prashant said...

Looks like such a great Memorial Day!
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