Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a visit with the bestest.

A few weekends ago (behind much?!), my bff and her kiddos came down to visit Baby Girl. This was the first time her kiddos had met BG and they were none too impressed with that fact. They were definitely ready to meet their play mate!

My goddaughter and my daughter. Love these girls..

The kids were fascinated by her. It was ridiculously sweet to see them with her.

Jay & I with our girls. They were OVER it by this point!

My two best girls..

Me and L. So precious =)

We only got to spend a few hours with them before they had to head back home. Guess we'll have to head up to Charleston soon for some more time with the kiddos! Baby Girl loved them and they wore her out and make her take a wonderful nap for her Mama. They need to come around daily!


Annie said...

cute pictures hun!
glad you got some time in with your bestie! her kiddos are super cute as well is your little peanut, of course! ;)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

aww, what a fun and special day, and such cute pictures!


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