Tuesday, June 8, 2010

welcome home uncle marine!

Two weeks ago, we packed up everything we thought we would need for a baby going on a 6 hour road trip and staying 4 days in a hotel. We got up at 6 am that morning to get the truck packed, get everyone ready, and get on the road by 9 am. Our truck very closely resembled a moving van. Not kidding. We had that much stuff.

Good thing I am a Facebook stalkeraddict occasional checker. I just happened to jump on real quick to see what was going on in the world and saw a message from the Marine telling us not to leave just yet. His flight had gotten delayed (again) and he wasn't scheduled to get home til that Monday now.


That was a Thursday. We stayed packed as best we could until we finally left on Saturday. Mr. Perfect was super happy about having to unpack all that and then repack it on Saturday. Like giddy.

On Saturday morning, the 22nd, we gave it another go. We got the car all packed, met up with my grandparents, and hit the road. We stopped for lunch in Small Town, SC, to eat with Mr. P's family. Then Mr. P, Baby Girl, and I stayed for the night while my grandparents continued on to North Carolina.

That night we got the call that he had been delayed again. He was supposed to be coming in on Sunday (the next day), but now it looked like Monday possibly Tuesday. We decided to head on up there and see what happened.

We got up bright and early (oh how I miss sleeping in), and hit the road to finish the trip to N.C. BG was not feeling it. The day before she had done awesome in the car. She slept the whole way, but not that morning. She was restless and cranky and though we tried our best to stick to her schedule (traveling during stops for feeding time), she was still all thrown off. We got about 20 minutes down the road and had to stop.

*Side note: I can't tell you how many places we stopped that did not have changing tables in the rest room. Seriously?! Off the interstate and no changing tables? I swear I saw those things everywhere when I didn't have a child. Now? Never.

End rant.

After giving her a small feeding (not at feeding time, I was trying to be flexible!), we got back on the road. For an hour and a half. Then she slipped back into meltdown mode. We stopped at ate and then she was good until we pulled into Marine Town. I honestly think she was just over being in the carseat. I know I would be.

We checked in to the hotel and then met the grands for dinner. After dinner my parents came over to our hotel and gave us the glorious news that the boys had been delayed again.

Are you kidding me.

I'll save some time and tell you that we got that information MANY more times while we were there. But we tried to enjoy ourselves as best we could. Marine Town is not a resort town by any means, so basically we ate out a lot and played on the beach.

Good times.

BG was of course the center of attention most of the time. We just can't stop loving on her!

Mr. P and BG chilling out in the hotel. He thinks this is funny.

We rode out to my parents RV one day since they were staying at the beach. BG enjoyed the beach.. until we put her feet in the sand. She freaked out! She's going to have to get over that. I kind of love the beach.

Her new sunhat. Cute!

Dad, BG, & I out on the beach.

Trying to calm her down after putting her feet in the sand... Drama queen.

The fam out on the beach.

On Tuesday, my parents and I attended a memorial service for the guys that were killed during this tour. My brothers company lost 9 men while they were over there. Nine. Most of them were about 19 years old. I thank God everyday He brought my brother home..

After the service, I met back up with Mr. P and BG to get some lunch. This is how she gets so chunky...

On Wednesday we got word that the boys were back in the States. They landed in Maine, then flew to Charleston where they got stuck again. Finally, Thursday morning we headed to the base for the Homecoming.

Mr. P and the grands.

Baby Girl in her Homecoming outfit.

Welcome home Uncle Marine!!!

Me and my best friend and my best girl. Yes. I was crying. Sometimes it happens.

Finally meeting his niece. I think he loves her...

Needless to say we are all BEYOND excited to have him home. We went to eat lunch before the three of us had to head home and when we went to leave I saw this..

She wouldn't let go of his finger! Cue heart melting...

Fortunately he headed down to Coastal Town the next day and we've been having a blast with him since. I think BG and her Uncle are going to be the best of friends.

Welcome Home Uncle Marine! We are so proud of you!


d.a.r. said...

Awww you know this totally made me cry!! So glad he is home safe!

And yeah, aren't the delays fun?

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Great pictures!

Shaina said...

Awww ... the reunion photos totally brought tears to my eyes! So sweet! I'm so glad your brother is back safe and sound!!!

A.B. said...

Glad he's home!

You're already so TINY!!

Virginia Belle said...

The beach pictures are precious! So glad your brother is home safe and sound and is finally getting to spend some quality time with his niece!

Kassie said...

The picture of the Big Marine and The Bitty Baby made me just MELT!


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