Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend wrap-up

Holy busy weekend Batman.

Maybe it's the fact that I stay exhausted, but when did weekends get so busy?! And when did 9 am become late in the morning?!

On Friday, Baby Girl, Mr. P, and I met up with my friend KP and her family for dinner. The ladies in her family get together every so often for a girls weekend and this time we were invited along.

Don't worry, her hubs came along to keep Mr. P company.

We went for dinner at a new restaurant here in town on Friday. It was delish. In honor of my new healthy diet, I had grilled shrimp on Ceasar salad, dressing on the side.

Then I come home and ate ice cream, but that's neither here nor there.. =)


As I was saying, dinner was delicious. BG was so good as usual. Slept through most of dinner and then after wards, woke up in plenty of time for massive amounts of attention from the ladies. She knows how to work an audience!

Sitting on the bulldog. Don't worry, BG got disinfected after this.

We came home and got BG to bed pretty early. Good thing since she decided four a.m. sounded like the perfect time to get up on Saturday.

I mean, why not?

So her and I got up at four. She didn't want to eat, just wanted to play. We played til about 5.30 and then she was out. This girl? Not so much. I cleaned up some while she slept and then got her up at six to eat. We ate, then played and put her back down at 7.30. She was out again.. That's why you should sleep past 4 little lady.. just sayin'..

I had a wedding to go to at eleven, so no naptime for me. I got her and I packed up, got dressed, and took her to my grandparents so I could go to the wedding.

This was the first time I'd left her with anyone, that wasn't Kyndal (her sitter) for any amount of time, and I didn't love it. I felt bad the whole time I was gone. I have major issues for leaving her when I'm off since I'm never with her during the week. I'm going to have to work on that. The guilt will kill me..

Anyway.. (get back on track girl)

My friend, KT, got married at eleven (who gets married in the morning?!) on Saturday. It. Was. So. Hot. But it was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony and reception. Great food, great fun, great sweat stains.

*Note to self: Not a flattering picture angle...

The bride and myself. She was such a pretty bride!

The bride, groom, and their little boy, T-bear.

My girls..

The rest of our Saturday was spent shopping for BG and finishing the renovations in our guest room (post to come). By Saturday night, all three of us were so tired that we were all in bed by 10.30. Geez.. we're old.

On Sunday we slept in and missed Sunday School (whoops), but made it to church. Of course BG was the best baby in the nursery again! She always gets the best report cards when we pick her up. I'm so proud.. =)

We went to eat, but BG was over it and we had to get our food to go. Usually she's good when we go eat, but when she's done, she's done.

We came home and finished the guest room and tried to do some laundry. We also managed to fit in a Skype call with Nonny and Pops so they could see how big their girl is getting. When Sunday night came around, I was so tired, I collapsed in the bed. Somehow 5 am this morning came ridiculously early.

A pretty fun weekend. Like I said, I hate going to do anything without her, but at the same time, I really need my girl time. I'm working on it....

Love my life..

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Virginia Belle said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you got to squeeze in some time with your girls. I'm sure it's hard to leave BG behind, but I'm sure you need that time every now and then. The picture of the girls on the bulldog is so precious :)


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