Monday, June 11, 2012

and then we went to charleston... {day 1}

We've been traveling fools lately y'all.

On Friday, I literally unpacked my bag from the previous weekend only to throw clothes in it for this weekend. In fact, most of the same clothes stayed in. Lets ignore the fact that I still had a packed suitcase laying around a week later.

Mr. P's best friend got married in Charleston last weekend, so the three of us packed up on Wednesday night and made the drive down.

We knew Mr. P would be pretty busy with bridal party hoopla the whole time, so BG and I made plans to head to the beach with another groomsman's wife and her little girl.

I was a tad nervous as we had just discovered what seemed to be an intense hatred for the beach the week before, but we packed up and headed out to give it another shot.

And y'all, she freaking loved it.

Perhaps it was having a little friend to play with, or the fact that I was better prepared and brought toys. Or maybe because there was a bigger group. Who knows? Who cares. She loved it.

And it wasn't just the sand. The girl wouldn't stay out of the water. She was getting knocked all around by waves and would come up just a squealing with glee. I actually had to drag her out of the water on multiple occasions just so that I could sit down and rest my weary tail for five minutes.

Eventually it was lunch and nap time and we needed to go check on the boys, so we packed it up to leave. And those little girls were less than impressed.

After one more dip in the water, we made them get dressed and pack up. And then there were sad eyes and sad little two year old voices saying "bye bye water", "bye bye beach".


We made it back to the hotel after forty minutes in traffic and one epic grocery store failing involving buying everything for sandwiches except bread (major Mom fail), where I curled up with a book and BG promptly passed out for a nap.

Then, it was time for the Rehearsal Dinner.

I had grand plans of leaving BG with a sitter that night so that Mr. P and I could BOTH enjoy ourselves, but somehow all sorts of communication wires got mixed up destroyed and so the little one ended up hitting the dinner with us.

Fun. Only with sarcasm font.

The food was delicious. A low country boil which is so right up my alley. Unfortunately a certain two year old wanted nothing to do with eating so it was pretty short lived. I'd give my right arm for some of the food right now..

My view for most of the night was either my child running like a crazy person (thank goodness she was not the only kiddo partaking in that activity) or my child dancing like a crazy person. Which is actually pretty enjoyable to watch and gave us all a good laugh.

She is her mother's daughter. We totally dig being the center of attention.

While we didn't get to eat much, the night was all in all a total blast. We don't see Mr. P's friends nearly enough and we had such a good time chatting and catching up with all of them. It was my first time to meet most of the wives and I truly enjoyed their company. We all made plans for some family trips soon and we better follow through with that!

All too soon it was time to head back to the hotel for someone to pass out. My hope was a good night's sleep might lead to an uneventful turn at the wedding the next day.

Ha ha ha...

to be continued...


A.B. said...

You are adorbs. I'm jeals of your beach travels. BG is precious. And i need a dancing video.

Heather said...

OMG! She is so freaking cute!!! I love the pic of her holding hands with the little girl. So cute!!!!

The Kinards! said...

Such a small world!! Been reading your blog since you were preggers with Ella! I live in Chas & i know Stephanie in your bottom photo!!! Went to high school with her :) could tell you were at folly from your pics... Was there last friday too :) hope you enjoyed our beautiful city!!

Jen Watts said...

Clearly that sand covered beach tail is the cutest thing I've ever seen! And I love the family photos--y'all look great!

Hilary Surratt said...

This is so funny! I live in Charleston, and I know Stephanie too! (I saw this post on Megan's blog and clicked on it!) SO funny, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Oh my word - that little tushie in the pink swimsuit is just too much. I'm so glad the beach portion of the program worked out & jealous of your Charleston trip!


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