Sunday, June 17, 2012

to the dads.

It's a special day, that's for sure.

Dads are amazing people and often don't get the credit they deserve.

Don't worry, I also believe this to be true of Moms but it's not our day. ;)

So Happy Father's Day Dads out there. I sure hope you're getting spoiled a bit by the ones that love you the most.

And to my Dad? Well you know that I think you're pretty amazing. I haven't always made the best decisions and certainly not the ones you would have made, but thanks for supporting, and more importantly, loving me anyway. Thanks for coaching my sports teams and going on Father/daughter camping weekends and teaching me so many things I needed to know. You rock Dad. Love you.

And the the man I got to watch become a Dad... I am so blessed to be on this journey of parenthood with you. It's hard and it's trying but doing it with you makes it a bit easier. Thanks for being the calm to my madness and for always being a Daddy that laughs. Your girl doesn't know just yet how lucky she is, but believe me, she will. And she'll brag to her kids one day about how amazing her Daddy was. You do a lot of things well in life babe, but being a Dad may be what you're best at hands down. It just suits you.

And Happy Father's Day to my precious Papa and my brother celebrating his first Father's Day today. My heart is all sorts of full.

Happy Father's Day guys.


Hayley said...

Beautiful post xxx

Katie @ Lady Million said...

You blog design is GREAT, and I need whatever camera you have :)) Since out blogs are about the same size as far as followers go, I was curious if you'd like to swap buttons to help us both out? Let me know chica!

Lady Million


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