Wednesday, June 27, 2012

getting there....

So day 3. We are still not a fan of the 'ol patch.

Day 2 the only way she would put it on was if she could Skype Uncle M and Aunt Kiki and show them. Unfortunately a text to Uncle M went unanswered and we were reaching meltdown status.

Then my SIL answered her phone and quickly agreed to sign on and Skype with us. I'm thankful to have a SIL that would humor BG and even went out of her way to tell her how great she looked with it on. And Uncle M even made an appearance and together the two of them distracted her enough to pass the time quickly.

Tonight I went another route. I took the advice of a few ladies and then after a conversation with my Mom and my friend Erin, I decided to patch Kitty in hopes that it would make BG feel like she had a partner in this.

Well, at first I thought I sent her over the edge when she got so upset that Kitty had to wear a patch. Then she wanted Lacy (our poor dog) to wear one too. Not happening. Mr. P piped up and told her that he was sad he didn't have one to which she quickly retorted "want mine?".

Nice. Hands full here people. So much sass.

But eventually, we got hers on. And she proudly called Nonny and Pops on Skype to show them how she and Kitty were wearing their patches.

Three days down. We aren't there yet, but we're getting there.


eas said...

Awww. Good job getting creative! Before you know it she'll be bragging about it.

Sara said...

Yes, good job getting creative! I wish Julia was old enough to sway with dolls and her nebulizer mask. Sigh...


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