Wednesday, June 6, 2012

this Daddy's girl.

I'm totally addicted to 16 & Pregnant.

But as a mother to a girl, it also flat out terrifies me. Because those girls on that show are someone's daughter.

However I have noticed that nine times out of ten, the girl on the show has no father figure in her life. No Dad. Now I'm not doing any research or papers on this, but I'm pretty sure that a large percentage of teen mothers are not close to their father; if they even know him at all.

It's common knowledge that the father/daughter relationship is HUGE in shaping how a girl sees herself. We've all heard of girls with "daddy issues" and such and when describing those, they are never good to hear. How a father loves his daughter will inevitably determine how she feels she deserves to be love.


Every single day I thank God that I have the perfect father here on this Earth for my daughter.

That man, plain and simple, loves his daughter. He adores her.

They say that from the instant he lays eyes on her, a father adores his daughter. Whoever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. She makes him feel like Christmas. In exchange, he makes a secret promise not to see the awkwardness of her teenage years, the mistakes she makes or the secrets she keeps.



When we found out we were having a girl, Mr. P and I had lots of talks about the role his relationship would play for her. As a Daddy's girl myself, I know what it is to have that special relationship with my Dad. It's awesome. And I've seen too many close friends who don't have that relationship and how it affects them.

Now I know a girl can become an amazing woman without her Dad around, it is possible, but I also know that I will never have to worry about that. Because BG has a Dad who is there. Who comes home from working a 10 + hour day and can still find the time to paint with her on the back porch. Or put on a crown and play princesses.

A Dad who still fixes her dinner and bathes her almost every night he is home. Who teaches her to swaddle her baby dolls and teaches her fun songs to sing with him.

Mr. P was an amazing husband years before BG came along, but I would have to say he's an even more amazing Dad. He was born for this job and he rocks at it. I am so blessed to have these two in my life. So, so blessed.

Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express.
-Joseph Addison


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I love this post a million times over! This is something I feel very passionate about, and thankfully, Declan does too. The role of a daddy (even at a young, newborn stage) is so important in teaching them basic trust that carries throughout their entire lives.

I am beyond thankful, daily, that Emeline has an amazing daddy role. Love that your Ella does, too.

Megan said...

Love love love this!! So sweet!

Belle on Heels said...

oh lord, this is making me cry! i'm SUCH a daddy's girl and sometimes i catch myself wondering what kind of dad m would be to a little girl. this is so sweet!

Shannon Dew said...

So so sweet! I am so thankful that me & my dad are so close & so are j & kp! So important!

Addie said...

I love this! I'm absolutely blessed to have a fabulous father for our daughter as well. My father wasn't around much as a child, but I was always a daddy's girl. I wanted Taylor to have a better relationship with her daddy than that. She's definitely a daddy's girl. He prays with her every night. Seriously, melts my heart into pieces!


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