Tuesday, June 19, 2012

baby fever.

Yesterday while Mr. P got dinner ready, BG and I headed to her room to play with her dolls for a bit. We fed three of them and then I watched as she rubbed their backs and covered them up to go to sleep.

I snuck out of the room for a minute while she was preoccupied with one of her "babies" and ran to get Mr. P to see her. We peeked around the corner to see her emerging from the bathroom with one of her little washrags.

As we poked our heads around the corner into her room, we saw her standing over one of her dolls wiping her face down and saying "all cwean baby. All cwean".

It was then that my heart exploded.

See BG has a major case of the baby fever. She loves them. Even the ones that she was once terrified of, are now okay. She walks around with them, she pushes them, she even insists on at least one of them sitting in her high chair with her as she eats.

Daily I have to insist that she leave her doll in the car when we get to school. I remind her how upset she'll be if the baby gets left at school that night. Then I promise her that Baby will be there when I pick her up in the afternoon.

When my friend Anne had her baby back in March, BG and I ran up there to meet her and BG was enthralled. For days afterwards I heard "where'd Mary Brooks go Mama? Where'd my Mary Brooks go?". She couldn't stop talking about her.

And now with a baby cousin? I hear about "baby Adalyn" a good portion of every day. And you've never seen a smile quite as big as the one on my sweet girl's face when she got a hold of her new cousin. The girl was in love.

This is one of the parts of being a girl Mom that I will never get tired of. To see a child that is ninety to nothing most of the day, take the time to slow down and care for her "babies", well, it just about melts me. As evidenced by the tears I felt welling up in my eyes as I watched her last night.

Her teacher at school is pregnant. Yesterday when I picked her up from school, she brought up "Miss Bitme's" baby. I asked her if she knew who the baby was.

"Mary Kate" she said without a moments hesitation.

"And where is Mary Kate"
I asked her next.

"In Mary Kate's belly" she replied.

I giggled and then couldn't resist;

"And where is your baby sweetie" I asked.

"In my belly" she said with a grin.

Daddy didn't find it as funny as I did. ;)

I'm pretty sure this girl has a case of the fever. And I love how much she loves babies. I love how taking care of them shows her sweet, sweet spirit. I love how rocks them and how she wraps them in blankets. I love how she insists they need diapers and need to be wiped.

I'm not a fan of her bringing me a "baby" with yellow highlighter colored on her pants to which she tells me "baby dirty. See Mom? She needs diaper", but I am a fan of her putting two and two together and doing her best to take care of said baby.

I love my baby. I love who she is becoming. I love watching her grow and develop.I love watching as she picks up traits from us that she turns around and uses herself. It's so awesome watching her mind work.

This part of parenting? This part is just so, so cool.


Happiness Is... said...

Baby fever starts young, huh?!? I had to laugh at the thought of a yellow colored diaper - that's pretty funny!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I think she needs to give Emeline some tips on baby care ;)

Shannon Dew said...

Awe too sweet! KP Is just starting to get into her babies but I'm really giddy over it! Looks like Ella is practicing to be a big sis!

Christina said...

aww this is too cute!

Lucy Marie said...

E is the same when it comes to caring for babies (both dolls and live babies). It melts me. Although, I have a feeling my biggest struggle with the new baby will be having a helper who is just a little TOO helpful.

Amber said...

Such sweet memories and so cute about her babies. Morgan loves her babies too so they would get along great:)

Heather said...

So sweet!!!! Our boys are sweet with baby dolls too. But I love how they love play kitchens, too! We just had a new niece born yesterday, so I'm curious to see how they all react to the new baby.

SEL said...

M didn't get her first doll until last Channukah, but she adores her dolls. She doesn't take care of them quite like BG, though. Probably because she's only exposed to one baby at the moment. Ha!

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