Wednesday, June 13, 2012

so what.

Linking up with my girl Shannon over at Life After I Dew again this week for another edition of So What! Wednesday.

This week I'm saying a big So What! if..

  • I am still working on BG's first year photo book. I kid you not. And I've started her third with the hopes of "keeping up" but I'm two months behind. Super.

  • I spent the entire weekend with a precious newborn and did not walk away with a case of "the fever". I actually had it worse before the time with the newborn. Now? I'm reminded of how cool my two year old is and I'm not sure I'm ready for the newborn stage again.

  • I was actually secretly glad my girl woke up in the middle of the night last night. The first time. I never get to cuddle with her so I soaked it up. Now the second and third time were a bit much...

  • I'm finally feeling like I'm making some real friendships three plus years into blogging. I so love you ladies.

  • I'm sucking it up at Weight Watchers this go round. Seriously, it's bad. And deserves a post of it's own

  • .

    What are you saying So What! to this week? Link up with Shannon and share!


    Mrs EyeCanSee said...

    I told myself after I finished Jamie's 1st year book I wouldn't do it all at once again and would keep up month by month. HAHAHAHAHA He'll be 2 in August and I haven't done one single thing! Oh well.

    tmcmc7 said...

    Don't give up!! I just made a mad dash to do books. One for each of our three boys' lives (8yo, 4yo & 1yo). That's how far I was behind!! I figured I should get caught up quickly before baby #4 comes in 4 weeks and I get super super behind. :)

    And your post yesterday rocked. As a full-time working momma of 3 soon-to-be-4, with a super supportive hubby and family, I wear my nerves thin often. I find myself struggling with all you outlined yesterday, with the same sentiment and overall message too: it's totally worth it. It *is* a hard job. But the best job in the world I'd not think twice about taking on again. (Although the line is being drawn at 4 kids!! Lol)

    Haven't posted before, but we are one in the same person I think. :) so many similarities!! :)

    A.B. said...

    we have no one year book even started.

    my friend posted pics from 5 years ago whenI was a WW success. It makes me feel bad about myself. And also inspired that I was hot once...

    Britt said...

    You are so like me for a few reasons...
    1. NEVER done a baby book... yet.
    2. I suck at weight watchers
    3. No baby fever at all!
    4. I can't do weight watchers!

    :) ;)

    Erica said...

    I'm still working on my kids' year one baby books... they're 6 and 4. :/

    Rachel said...

    I love being your blog buddy :) I REALLY want to visit Greenville this summer!

    Kara said...

    Just saying hi! I think it's because I took soooo many more pics sarahs first year that they are so hard to manage!


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