Monday, July 16, 2012

on meeting the baby.

When my new little niece was born, we trekked down to Myrtle Beach to be there for the birth. We made it and then that evening, Mr. P and I were able to meet her and hold her before we had to leave to head back home. BG, however, didn't get to to do that but got to check her out from the nursery window.

We ended up leaving the night she was born because the hospital they were at wouldn't let BG back and I knew it would upset her to have everyone meeting the baby when she couldn't. So we decided to head on home and then come back the following weekend when they were settled in at home so the girls could meet.

So the following weekend, BG and I packed up and headed back to the beach to spend the weekend with my Aunt and the new family of three.

She wasn't too thrilled about giving up her cradle..

I managed to snag that sweet baby pretty early and as I cozied up on the couch with her, BG was already at my side asking to hold her. She loves her some babies. So we got her all settled in and gave her the baby. To say she was thrilled would be putting it mildly.

We were able to spend a good deal of time with them just helping out around the house and even supervising the first bath. I'll admit that BG was quite the little wild thing running around, but she was out of her mind excited about the baby. She didn't quite understand the screaming and crying thing though. That baffled her.

We spent the entire day with them and then headed out for dinner (four hours after we attempted to head out for "lunch". Oh the going anywhere with a newborn thing I do not miss!), and to do some shopping. We really did have such a good time with all of them.

BG and I spent the evening back at the hotel with my aunt where she quickly discovered the hotel pool. Unfortunately, a middle school baseball team had also discovered the pool so we stuck to the steps. Although she was not a fan of that idea and kept diving in. Good times.

The next day we headed back over to Uncle Marine and Aunt Kiki's house for a few hours before we had to leave. I was determined to squeeze in as much tiny baby time as possible. And still leave without "the fever". Hard task.

I think it's safe to say Baby Girl is a huge fan of her new cousin.


When Kiki woke up, we snapped a few pictures of the family of three but then I couldn't keep Baby Girl away any longer. I don't know who she's a bigger fan of; baby AK or Kiki. She adores her Aunt Kiki. When the girls snuggled up for a little couch nap, we had to laugh because BG was right there. She was not letting them get away from her!

I'm sure this is one of the points where she almost gave Kiki a heart attack ;)


Too soon it was time to go home and we were off. It sucks living so far away from them but it just makes the visits tons more fun when they happen. Of course, BG asked for "baby Adlyn" for days afterwards so we were quickly planning another trip. But that's another day.

I realize this is total picture overload but it's for the books. And they were all too cute not to post. So there's that.


Sara said...

She is precious! And, I love how sweet BG was being holding her. I'm sure it was very hard to not want another after that.

A.B. said...

I love it. They are all adorable. I love that BG is all up in the mix. LOVE the one where she is pointing in the baby's eye. Love her "what the heck" arm pose. She is too cute. Great pics, Auntie!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming new nieces into the world! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, so precious!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

precious photos and she has the biggest smile-so proud!

Elizabeth said...

so precious! bg is so sweet! don't worry about picture you said, too cute not to share.

Heather said...

Awww! BG is gorgeous!!!! New baby cousins are awesome. Enjoy!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Oh, my word - those photos of BG with your niece?! Too, too much.

Also, BG always looks darling, but I particularly love her outfits here - that madras is perfection.


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