Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the third.

The third of every month here on this blog used to be all about BG.

Or the 7th, 12th, or 16th whenever I got around to posting.


Anyway, so like I was saying, it's a bit time for a big 'ol update on the little one. Because this girl, she is changing and growing so fast that my head spins.

Baby Girl, I never could have imagined how awesome of a person you would be. You are so funny and so sweet and so smart all rolled into this one adorable little package. There is not a single dull day with you. Ever. Or a quiet one. Ever.

Some of my current favorite things you say;
"Dat cute. Dat cute (baby, dress, whatever)".
-So much is cute. My favorite is when I get dressed in the morning and hear "dat's cute Mommy. I like it. Do you like it Mommy?" complete with head bob the entire time.

"You alright Mommy?"
-This is usually complete with a arm rub or a pat on the back. Love.

"I LOVE you Mommy" as she throws herself in my lap, or on my legs or whatever she can grab.

"Ok. Just couple more minutes" Or "I can play in tub for couple more minutes".
-You can insert just about anything in there. Like watching Dora. We hear that one a lot.

"Dance Mama dance! Dance Daddy dance!"
-Said as she thoroughly shakes her booty in her own little groove.

"I'll have your keys now Mommy"

-as I pick her up in the afternoon. Then she thinks she needs to lead me to the car. I'm pretty sure she's ready to drive.

"Go this way Mommy"

-world's youngest backseat driver y'all. And she's emphatic about which way she wants to go.

If she hears a word she likes, or a word makes someone laugh, she gets a bit obsessive with it. Then she'll say "say (insert word) Mommy. Say (word) Daddy." over and over til she's just cracking up. She's odd.

You love playing in my shoes and jewelry. And your Daddy's shoes. His are a bit easier for you to walk in.

You get along great with the animals though you have been known to randomly walk up and hit the cat. We're working on that.

You like to randomly burst into song now. Though if we ask you to sing, you tend to get sort of shy and very quiet. But we love hearing you sing! My favorite is when you sing "Jesus Loves Me".

You like things the way you like them. You like certain clothes (usually dresses and skirts and your Dora t-shirt), certain shoes (almost always flip flops), certain foods, and you let us know if you are not a fan of something. Loudly.

You still love baby dolls. I melt a little every single time I walk in your room to see you cleaning them up, or changing them, or rocking them.

You like to play "tiny baby", which basically means I get to hold you and rock and sing "Mommy's tiny baby" over and over while you grin up at me and squeal "I tiny baby!!!". It's sort of my favorite little game too.

I wish that everyone could meet you because they would just love you. You're joy for everything is infectious. You are the most go with the flow kid I've ever met. Nothing phases you. You'll sleep anywhere, eat anywhere, go in to Sunday school or school school without a tear; you just take anything and run with it. Your father and I swear this is why we're only having one child. There is NO way we'd get another one like you. I'm pretty sure you broke the mold.

I'm pretty dang lucky to be your Mama Baby Girl. Don't ever think for a second that I don't realize that. I love you to the moon....


Kara said...

Oh, so many of these things remind me of Sarah. She wants me to cradle her like a baby and sing "Rock a bye baby" and pretend to let her fall...Happy third!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Ah, precious girl! Nate used to want to do "the baby song" aka "Rock a bye baby" too and he'd have me insert friends & family members names. Isn't it so great seeing how their little brains work?

Jennifer said...

She is precious and so many things remind me of Braylen!

Britt said...

Awww... sounds just like Lidia! They would be bffs for sure!

Heather said...

She is gorgeous and pretty darn wonderful! I do love when I get home from work, the boys come into my car when I'm still getting my stuff from the front seat. One of them will sit in my lap and pretend to drive. I do think they think they can.


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