Saturday, July 14, 2012

project 366: weeks 23-26 (catching up)

Apparently it's catch up time. Somewhere along the way I stopped posting my Project 365(6) pictures, but I have still been taking them, so let's just do a big 'ol catch up now.


WEEK 23:
3rd- BG spent the afternoon walking around her grandparent's house in Granny's shoes. Good thing she's not sassy at all.
4th- After a long weekend of not being home, I had three animals that would not leave my side for even a second.
5th- BG's last day of school in the toddler class :(
6th- Date night at the ZZ Top concert.
7th- I got this picture of my precious niece's "poop face" from my brother. Nice.
8th- Mr. P was trying to pack up BG's old cradle to take to her new cousin but she had other plans..
9th- Precious.

WEEK 24:
10th- Somebody had a bit of baby envy while in Myrtle Beach.
11th- Bath time with BG; always a grand time.
12th- She found a pair of my earring and decided she should "wear" them. Oh, and she's sporting her attitude face.
13th- Chasing bubbles in the yard.
14th- BG made Mr. P a Father's Day present at school and couldn't wait to give it to him. So we headed straight up to work to see him. He loved it duh.
15th- Little girl; big shoes.
16th- Loving the slide something fierce.


WEEK 25:
17th- BG and I attended a baby shower for her teacher this afternoon. She was pleased as punch that her BFF was there. :)
18th- Serious about her biscuit eating.
19th- Books with Daddy before bed.
20th- We had to stop by the grocery store on the way home from work/school which I cannot stand doing. Somehow this one got a treat for the trip. I got nada.
21st- My other sweet girl.
22nd- Oh look, books before bed again..
23rd- My girls :)

WEEK 26:
24th- This is BG's current "smile". Nice huh?
25th- We were "supervising" as Daddy cleaned out the garage. She looks comfy no with her feet all up on my back?!
26th- My sweet, sweet girl after school.
27th- Big girl rocking the pony tail to school and looking way too grown for me to handle.
28th- Best friends. For real, they adore each other.
29th- She comes home; she finds my shoes. Every single day.
30th- Play time with BG. Always a good time.

I am almost caught up. I should be smacked if I get this far behind again.

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Jill said...

ok, that slide picture is possibly my favorite of her ever. it makes me happy that SHE is so happy!!


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