Sunday, July 15, 2012

project 365: all caught up

And I'm caught up! Thank goodness. Let's not get that far behind again child.


WEEK 27:
1st- She has the sweetest cheeks I've ever seen.
2nd- She walked in on me putting curlers in my hair one morning while I was getting ready for work and immediately wanted some of her. So some of her own she got. And then she rocked two little curls in her head the rest of the day "just like Mommy". Slays me I tell you.
3rd- BG had an accident in the car on the way to Daddy's work after school which is just plain odd. Then, in the five minute car ride home, I looked back and saw this. Never a good sign. Sure enough, the rest of the night was a disaster.
4th- I hung out with a fairy on the Fourth. What did you do?
5th- No clue. But it is literally the only picture I have from this day.
6th- Mr. P showing BG a roly poly at Papa's house in Savannah.
7th- My grandparent's house; aka, a little slice of heaven.

WEEK 28:
8th- The car ride home after an amazing weekend back home. She totally jacked her Dad's hat.
9th- Lining her toys up in the tub.
10th- The only picture I got all day; the toddler running away. Which is way more real life than you can imagine.
11th- Rocking the pirate patch and taking her babies along on her evening ride.
12th- Oh you know, just cooking in my kitchen.
13th- Friday the 13th. Enough said.
14th- She's my favorite person y'all. We're going to be best friends forever.


A.B. said...

she is presh.

Jill said...

i can't remember if i ever remember to leave you comments (is this that mommy brain everyone talks about?) or if i've seriously left you this same comment before, BUT i love reading your posts and they make me so excited for L to reach E's age. accidents and all. mostly because cute stuff like jacking her daddy's hat come along with it. :-) E is so friggin cute, i love her.

Amber said...

what an absolutely precious picture of you two!


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