Sunday, July 29, 2012

project 366: weeks 29 & 30


WEEK 29:
Sunday, July 15th: Taking an early morning walk with my girl. Love when she holds my hand.
Monday, July 16th: Our nighttime must read.
Tuesday, July 17th: Giddy toddler. Literally two seconds before this she was crying her head off. Toddlers.
Wednesday, July 18th: Playing Princesses before school.
Thursday, July 19th: BG and her bff hanging out after a run.
Friday, July 20th: My other sweet girl.
Saturday, July 21st: The girls having a blast at the outlets.

WEEK 30:
Sunday, July 22nd: She woke up not feeling so hot, but still looking mighty adorable.
Monday, July 23rd: We gave up on the potty chart. She keeps her stickers now.
Tuesday, July 24th: I had dinner with a Princess this night :)
Wednesday, July 25th: Hanging out with Mary Brooks.
Thursday, July 26th: She wanted me to wear her crown she made. Melt my heart.
Friday, July 27th: My silly girl being the class clown at school.
Saturday, July 28th: "Take my picture Mommy. NO!!! No take my picture Mommy!!!". Kid you not. Toddlers are bipolar.

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