Tuesday, July 31, 2012

savannah (again) (day 1)

A few weeks ago, my aunt that lives in Texas let us know that she was going to be in Savannah the weekend after the Fourth. Then, the little brother and his family decided they would also be making the trip down. So of course the three of us decided that we would make the trek down for the weekend.

We packed everyone up on Thursday afternoon to head on down. I am so thankful that our pups are great travelers and that since the purchase of the portable dvd players, BG has also been a great traveler. This was another big road trip post big girl pants so I was a bit nervous about how it would go. I shouldn't have worried. BG was a champ and let us know every time she needed to go.

Even if it was ten minutes after leaving the gas station. And leaving us to find a random driveway to pull in. Whatever. It works.

We pulled into town just in time for bed. And thankfully BG agreed as she hit the hay almost immediately after we got there.

Which was nice when she was up bright and early.

We enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast and coffee with my aunt and granddad until Mr. P woke up. Then, it was time to suit up and head out to the water.

I tend to plan way too much to do on any visit home, but I was determined not to do this this time. And I did well. I made dinner plans for one night but other than that? it was time to relax. To read books, to play with family, and to spoil BG with a new water table.

My brother and his family didn't make it into town until later that afternoon so we had the whole afternoon to just hang out and play with BG. It was perfect. And she ate up every ounce of attention.

Why does she look so big?!


It was an afternoon spent in one of my favorite places on the planet. An afternoon full of laughs, boiled peanuts, and learning that my child's hair curls at the bottom just like mine does in the Savannah humidity.

Then, Uncle Marine and his clan finally rolled into town. And there was another baby to love on.

It sucks that my parents live so far away because it was really nice having so many of our loved ones in one area. Makes me wish it could happen more often. I love visits like this.

Clearly BG wasn't having it. Sigh.


The absence of my Grandma was right there in my heart the whole time. I so wish she was there. But it wasn't until we headed to our regular eat in town that her absence brought me to tears. As I sat looking at the menu, I could practically hear her asking us what appetizer we wanted. "Look, they have fried green tomatoes" ran through my head so vividly that I couldn't breathe for a second. Man, I miss her.

We wound down the night with a visit with the bestest. Yet one more reason I do miss Savannah. I've been friends with this girl for eighteen years. Love her.

Finally, after a very long day, it was bed time. And time to get ready for day two.


Jennifer said...

I love those black and white pictures at the top of E!
Such sweet memories!

A said...

I've only been to Savannah once but loved it. I enjoy reading your posts about it.

Sara said...

I just love all your photos! What a great trip! MORE please!


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