Thursday, August 23, 2012

good friends.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been surrounded by friends.

This is not a "look at me I'm so popular!" post, but just stating a fact. I'm a people person. I thrive on being surrounded by people. They make me smile and laugh and make me feel whole. I adore my friends.
Thankfully, I've managed to pick some pretty awesome ones. I'm still friends with people I met in elementary school. My best friend in the world has been that since we were eleven. My college roommate is still basically my sister. And my party partner from college? Now my fellow toddler Mom and the mom to one of my daughter's closest friends.

Everywhere we go, I find people and they make their way into my heart. It's inevitable. So if it comes time to leave, it sucks, but then I get to add another city on the map where people I love live. Which is kind of nice.

In this way, my daughter is exactly like me. She thrives on her relationships. She's good on her own, but when she's with her buddies, she just lights up. She adores them. To watch her now, is just like watching me some twenty five plus years ago. She lets people in and quickly, forming deep relationships in a short amount of time.
It's probably one of our better (and sometimes worst) qualities.

BG has made two amazing friends at her school here. It's the kind of relationship that we as adults strive to have with our friends. They laugh together, argue at times, play hard together, whisper together, giggle together and are basically inseparable.

When they aren't together, they talk about each other. Even their teachers remark on the depth of their friendship and how much they truly enjoy each others company. They've gone so far at school as to try and split them up at times to encourage other friendships, but they always end up back with each other. They just plain love each other.
And this relationship is the one I am the most upset about leaving if we do end up moving. Yes, I've made amazing relationships here, but in this day and age, it's really easy for me to keep up with my friendships. BG doesn't have a Facebook, or a blog, or a Twitter account. She can't pick up her phone and send a quick text or make a quick call.

A few weekends ago, we packed up and headed to spend the afternoon with the family of one of these little girls. As I watched BG and her buddy interact, my heart ached at possibly taking her away from this group. Simply put? I am more upset about leaving these two little girls behind than anything else.

I get that BG is just two years old, but this is going to hurt her. And for the first time, Mr. P and I are going to have to explain a loss to her that she's not going to completely understand. This is going to be hard.
In my head, I imagined these girls being those sort of lifelong friends that I have. Those friends you can say "oh we've been friends since we were babies!" and it be true. The kind of friends you grow up with and change with and never stop caring for. And in my head, that ends if we move. Which sucks.

But in reality, it might play out just like her friend back in Savannah. We moved from there and I was devastated that K and BG wouldn't grow up together and wouldn't remain friends, but the opposite is actually happening. Every time we go home, they pick up like they never were apart. When we're home, BG asks to see pictures of K and wants to talk about her. She doesn't just forget her.
And that's what I hope happens again. I truly hope we can maintain these friendships for her while helping her to grow new ones elsewhere. And perhaps someday, she'll be as lucky as I am; to have friends all over this country that she loves dearly and feels so lucky to count as friends.


Lynsey said...

My momma heart is breaking while reading this. The thought of moving hurts so much. We moved when M was 8 months. Granted we only moved 20 minutes away but we did leave behind his best friend/girlfriend that lived right down the street. Thankfully we have been able to stay in touch and they see each other at school.

My college roommate was my elementary school best friend. The life long friendships truly are amazing and something I cherish so much. I can only hope and pray Mason and Caroline form these kinds of friendships as well.

Mrs. Jones said...

Friendships are so precious, no matter the age! Sending sweet thoughts your way!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I will be praying for those quick, wonderful, lifelong friendships to happen again wherever y'all end up!! That is so sweet that she and her buddy(ies) always find each other somehow! ;)

Bo said...

This is such a special post! I can see why people are drawn to you. The fact that things like this bug you just shows how big your heart is! Btw, your daughter is beautiful!!! Especially those cheeks!

Lindsey B said...

This is such a sweet post! I love the BG has such deep friendships at her young age! I can't imagine explaining a move to her but I am certain that with you as her momma she will cope with it! And I know you will encourage these two sweet girls to stay as connected as possible!

the workaholic momma said...

aaaww....i just love this post and those pictures are precious!!!! Addie has a BFF at school and it makes my heart smile to see those 2 girls together because i know how important those bonds are...i hope that even if you guys do have to move you can make trips back so BG can stay in touch with these girls!!!

Lauren said...

This is so incredibly sweet and precious!!!!!!!!!!!


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