Friday, August 17, 2012


We are still in a state of limbo revolving the job situation. I'm way more calm than I figured I would be. Although maybe I'm more like a duck in the water; calm on the surface, but under the water those little feet are going fifty miles a minute.

Baby Girl has decided that taking her diaper off each night and peeing all over the place is the funnest thing since Chuck 'E Cheese. I disagree. It was kind of cute the very first night we walked in and found her naked waist down, but it's gotten less cute with every load of laundry we've had to do.

So I took matters into my own hands. I remembered how one of my blog friends cut the feet out of a pair of footed jammies and put them on backwards. So that's what we did.

She's actually pretty impressed with her "straight jacket". Mom of the year teaching her that huh? But so far so good. The laundry has taken a nose dive. Thank you Tom Cruise.

I turn 30 next month. I'd like to be all "I'm totally fine with aging" but then I'd be lying. I am freaking out. Of course with all this other fun stuff added in, it makes the freaking out about my age pretty minimal. Maybe we can skip my birthday this year and try it again next year?

I've been such a sucky friend lately. I've dodged phone calls and texts just because I can't even handle thinking about everything that's going on right now. But being a sucky friend won't help anything. I'm working on being more intentional in my friendships. You must be a good friend to have good friends. The older I get, the more I cherish my friendships and the more I realize they deserve the work they need to keep them going.

My sister-in-law is planning a wedding in May and it's giving me an itch to plan another wedding. I would totally do mine again. Although I wouldn't because I hated the whole process of planning but I would love to plan a wedding with the help of Pinterest and Etsy and all. We didn't have all that awesome stuff 7 1/2 years ago, or if we did, I didn't realize it. I can't wait to see what she pulls off. I'm loving her idea boards already.

Thank God I got back into running. Our strict budget isn't alcohol friendly and I need a stress reliever right now. Running is free. And is also doing amazing things to my legs. I'll take it.


Linds said...

that jammie contraption is genius! I've also heard of people duct taping the kids diapers on, but your backwards footed jammies seems much better!

A.B. said...

I think I should send you a bottle of wine. Or champagne. Or running socks. Backwards footed jammies is genius!

I agree that they didn't have that stuff 7.5 years ago. I have a whole pinterest board to "my next wedding."

Erica said...

Those jammies are adorable! Glad rigging them up is working.

I never thought it would be, but 30s are divine. I turned 36 *gasp* in July, and I've never felt better. Happy Birthday early. :)

Samantha said...

That is a genius idea! I'm so impressed. Glad you've got a stress reliever in the middle of all of this. Hope you get answers soon.

[diane] said...

I've heard of doing this long before I had a child and now understand! My 2yo son keeps waking up with a little bit unzipped at the top. I really hope he doesn't figure out how to do the rest or I will be using this idea!

Have fun running and happy (almost) 30th!

SEL said...

I love the jammies idea! Genius!

I hope things settle down for you all!!

And yay for runners legs! I noticed a difference too when I started running for my half marathon.


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