Wednesday, August 1, 2012

so what if yesterday rocked.

Linking up with Shannon again for a big 'ol So What Wednesday. This week I'm saying So What if...

-I let my kid play hooky from school occasionally. It's good for her and I to spend that random day together. Okay. I'm selfish. It's really for me.

-That yesterday was one of those days. So what if Mama needed a good 'ol Mama/Daughter date day something fierce.

-I tried to take BG to her first movie and it was a total flop. It only cost 3 bucks (apparently it was Kiddo Tuesday as there were munchkins everywhere) total so not a big thing there and the forty minutes that we were there were worth it. Making memories folks.

-That while we were at the movies (for the forty minutes), we had to take two potty breaks. Oh yea. Pretty sure people loved us.

-That coming back from one of those breaks, I felt this weird sensation in my pants leg. No lie, at first I totally thought I wet my pants, but they were dry. Then I felt it again. I looked down and back a few steps to find that a black thong had fallen out of my pants leg and was laying on the floor. Y'all. I could have died.

-Without a thought in my mind I picked that underwear up and threw it in BG's bag. Sure hope it was mine.

-It was.

-I tried to film a video for Mandy's link up and then one for a post idea I have and BG wasn't having it. Lack of focus that one.

-I should have cleaned my house big time today but instead played with BG and watched Olympic soccer. Actually, that seems like a win of a day to me.


Heather said...

Gah!! The thong story is amazing! Just throw it in the bag, no big deal. Haha!

Glad you had a nice mommy/daughter date day. Also, clean houses are overrated. ;)

Britt said...

What a fun day! So jealous!

Erin said...

OMG I've totally had that underwear in your jeans moment! How does that even happen?! Haha. Sounds like a fabulous day with that precious little one, cleaning can wait :) it'll still be a mess tomorrow, right?

A.B. said...

That's a pretty great day. Not sure I would have picked up the unders. I guess it would have depended on which ones they were. I mean, there are some that would be totally worth leaving behind.

She's adorbs. So are you. That's a fun day!

Real Food Runner said...

This is SO adorable!

Stacy Kinard said...

The thong story made me laugh! Yay for a great mommy/daughter day!!

Kara said...


Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

No. No! I can only imagine the thong embarrassment. Great story, but what a moment!

And good on you for playing "hooky" - the house will still be there tomorrow, mess and all, but these good toddler days have to be taken advantage of.

PS - Was E trying to "rap" in that one video? Too cute.


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