Sunday, August 19, 2012

project 365: week 33


Sunday, August 12th: We headed to the park for a while and my little girl wanted nothing to do with the toddler side. She headed straight for the big kids part and spent the rest of the time jumping off of every surface she could find.
Monday, August 13th: Wearing her "straight jacket" and Daddy's hat. Slap styling she is.
Tuesday, August 14th: A very, very simple OOTD managed to make it on my Instagram. I am so not stylish. There won't be many of those posts.
Wednesday, August 15th: My very messy vanity while trying to get ready in the morning.
Thursday, August 16th: I told you I've been doing a lot of laundry. BG's bed is stripped far more often than it is made these days.
Friday, August 17th: My husband spoils me. I get breakfast before work every day. So lucky.
Saturday, August 18th: BG likes taking naps with her Mama. I like having this adorable little bed buddy. Double win.

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