Sunday, August 12, 2012

project 365: weeks 31 & 32


WEEK 31:
Sunday, July 29th: Oops.
Monday, July 30th: A late afternoon snap and some cartoons on the couch with my girl. Best part of my day.
Tuesday, July 31st: Well apparently it's snack time again. We like to eat around here.
Wednesday, August 1st: Apparently this happens at school. And she brags about it when she gets home. "Mommy I kissed Jake!". Y'all, I can't even...
Thursday, August 2nd: My pretty girl ready for school.
Friday, August 3rd: An afternoon play session with Daddy. I'm sure she was having much more fun than the face would have you believe!
Saturday, August 4th: She wanted to have a tea party. Then she wanted to have a tea party in her shelving units. Crazy kid.

WEEK 32:
Sunday, August 5th: Playing peek-a-boo on the way to the lake.
Monday, August 6th: BG has decided that taking her diaper off at night and peeing all over the place is a great time. This was the inaugural event. It was sort of funny this night; it's not longer funny.
Tuesday, August 7th: Quiet time.
Wednesday, August 8th: Scary Spice after a run. It feels so good to be back out there!
Thursday, August 9th: BG is not a morning person. Once I finally drug her out of the bed, I returned to her room five minutes later to find her sleeping on the floor. Her teen years ought to be a blast.
Friday, August 10th: The Chick-fil-a cow came to BG's school on Friday. I knew it wasn't going to go well, at least with BG. I was right. This is the closest her class would get to the cow; the van.
Saturday, August 11th: Hanging out with my girl on a lazy Saturday morning. Yes, we are still in the bed. Yes, it was like 11. Who cares.

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A.B. said...

Love it. not the peeing all over everywhere, but that is one cute bottom.

running. feels. so. good!


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