Tuesday, July 7, 2009

rain makes me lazy.

I have not ran since Saturday. I am so lazy.

In my defense, it's raining cats and dogs outside and I spent a good portion of my day at the doctor's office. After not eating all morning. Have you seen me when I've skipped a meal?! Think snakes.. coming out of my head.

I'm Southern. I like my food.

My glucose experience was not as bad as it could be. I got there pretty early, just about 4 or 5 people ahead of me. They all got in and out pretty quickly. Except for these 2 young women and a little boy. Who almost didn't live to see another day.

You know the kid. The one screaming and running around Will Ferrell style.

*I think I just wanted a reason to watch that clip*

Seriously though, this kid was throwing himself over chairs, climbing in peoples faces, and the women just watched.

He approached me once. Remember, snakes.....

I did almost lose it after drinking that orange crap (you can't even call it juice, because that's not fair to all the juices out there). But the lady told me if I did *ahem puke, that I'd have to start all over.

Give me that junk lady. I was not staying a second longer with Will.

I managed to "work" the rest of the day. Well really I watched the MJ memorial all day. Not even touching that subject, except that his daughter about made me break down. It really comes down to the fact that those kids lost their father.. A complete heart break.

Even though I'm not convinced those are her kids. Have you seen them?!?

This is all over the place because I'm tired. Heading to a funeral tomorrow for D's grandmother. Then hitting the road running. Literally. I've got to stop being so lazy.


emily said...

Its rainy and nasty here too... I don't feel like doing anything! I am going to try and go for a bikeride tonight though...good luck running!

Anonymous said...

Rain always makes me tired too and the last thing to do when your tired, is work out!

Meg said...

I've had a glucose tolerance test before - it's been years, but I still remember the orange stuff you have to drink. Nasty. :P

Jennifer said...

I have been super lazy too! It must be that rain!

Jennifer said...

I have been super lazy too! It must be that rain!

MissJody said...

Well here in AR, it did rain some...now nice and hot:
Love the "Will" clip! My hubby and I watched it and laughed! :)

Saskia said...

There's always a child like that in every waiting room, restaurant, shop etc. And the parents never do anything!!!

It's grey here too at the moment, I hope it cheers up in time for the weekend.

Saskia x

Lindsey said...

I wouldn't be running either if it was raining here so don't feel too bad!=)


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