Monday, July 13, 2009

the state of our union.

Not a good day for celebrity couples huh?

Jon G, you are a douche bag. Yep. I said it. What kind of person runs off to France and leaves behind his 8 children? What kind of person doesn't get Mr. Perfect and I a ticket?!

P.S. Your shirt is hideous.

Then there's our poor girl Jess. Tony, if you didn't want to buy the girl a birthday present or dress up as Ken for her party, then just say so. The day before her birthday, really?!?

Mr. Perfect and I had a bad weekend. We just didn't click. There's those times when everything you say bothers him, and everything he says (and does) bothers you. That was us on Saturday. But then, it's over. Something makes you laugh hysterically and you can't imagine sharing it with anyone else. In our case it was a toad hunt.

The bad times suck, but they're gone so quick. We watched our dog chase a piece of ice around the house last night and laughed hysterically. Apparently we're two but there's no one else I can imagine laughing that hard with. Plus, we're the only ones who find that funny. Every day with him gets a little better, we get a little more comfortable, and we fall into an even better routine. I'm so glad that years after saying "I do" there's no one else I'd rather see at the end of the day, no other name I want to see on my caller id, no other car I want pulling into my driveway.

Thanks for not breaking up with me Mr. Perfect. Thanks for also not wearing ridiculously hideous t-shirts or bailing on my birthday. You're a keeper.

Now if only I could figure out a way to stop his dang snoring.


d.a.r. said...

The Gosselin's just make me sick.

And I'm glad Mr Perfect didn't break up with you, too :) I hate fighting but the making up is great, no?

My name is Megan... said...

hahaha! too funny...sometimes I don't understand people! every once again, that person is my husband ..but you live and learn! loves :)

Megan said...

If you could figure ot a way to make him quit snoring I think you would become a millionare!!! :-) Love what you had to say you and your hubby's relationship, so sweet! There are times when you don't click, but getting through them makes the other times so much sweeter! You are with somebody you can truly 100% be yourself!

Practically Perfect... said...

Jon Gosselin is a bum. Ugh.

So glad you and your husband are growing closer each day - it just gets better!

Anonymous said...

Love the quote about the snoring. Hahah, still haven't figured out how to stop that myself - if you figure it out pass it along.

MissJody said...

Snoring huh? Yea, let me know that one too.
I love what you said about he's the only one you'd like to see on your caller ID and ect...that was very sweet. :) I respect that.

Lindsey said...

Ugh Jon makes me sick!!

Anonymous said...

Me and my guy have the same kinds of days, but we don't worry too much because we know it will all blow over. It's good to know that even when we don't like each other we still love each other.

Blah on the whole Gosselin story.

Legallyblondemel said...

Yup - these times just happen in a marriage, don't they? For us normal people, that is, not for Jon You're-Too-Young-To-Be-Having-A-Mid-Life-Crisis Gosselin.

SassyEngineer said...

Yeah - Jon and that whole situation is just sad. I hate that they play old Jon and Kate's on TLC back when they were happy because it just makes the whole thing seem even sadder. It kind of makes you wonder how long it might have been going on though if he is dating the daughter of Kate's surgeon. Oh well!

Also, I was never a huge fan of Tony and Jessica, but still sad to break up with her right before her bday.

As for us normal couples, I totally hear you! Hubby and I had one of those mornings today where we just got on each other's nerves for no particular reason. Like you said, but then it is over and times are fun again. Relationships are definitely and ebb and flow sort of thing, but I guess that is what keeps them interesting. The main thing is that we all keep trying and don't leave like the above mentioned couples. Glad y'all were able to move on quickly and laugh again -it is the best medicine :)

emily said...

The occasional fight can have its benefits too :) Happy for you!

It Is Everlasting said...

J&K+8 is just disgusting at this point, thank goodness TLC put a hold on filming-- hopefully someone can talk some sense into them and they will actually do "what's best for the kids." Ugh.

I totally know how you feel about tough days with your husband. There are days when I just want to freak out at him about 1000 little things and then I realize that even if that list was a million things long he's still my love. We are going through a growing period and it can be tough when we are developing as individuals and trying to keep the other one tuned in. Here's to real life and marriage, it's so refreshing to hear the real deal and not the sugar coated stuff!


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