Saturday, January 22, 2011

42 weeks

You know how you see babies on television shows and they're always so calm and quiet? How do you think they make that happen? I was watching "Good Luck Charli" on the Disney channel today (I would like to tell you BG wasn't napping while I watched, but that would be a lie), and the little girl that plays Charli is so calm and quiet. For real. How do they make her do that?!

We certainly don't have any calm, quiet babies in this house. Which is actually a-okay, because the one we do have is an absolute trip.

**Do you see that hairline?!? What am I supposed to do with hair that has no part?? It's growing straight forward, just like her Daddy's. Looks like I'll be forcing a side part.

This past Wednesday, she really got the hang of scooting around using the furniture. Because of this new found skill, she spends 95% of her day hanging out on the coffee table. Putting her toys on it, walking around it, standing up drinking her bottle at it, and practicing standing and sitting for hours. No joke.

She does not sit still. Literally, you set her down, she takes off. All day every day.

Yes. I'm aware that she has food on her face, but I pick my battles folks and she was not letting me near her face. I won though, because her butt got dunked in the tub as soon as this photo shoot was over.

She has really started to "mimic" us this week. She smacks her lips, clucks her tongue, and tries to make whatever noise we make. She's also brought back her ear splitting super endearing scream. It's a joy. And it's loud. But for some reason I squeal back at her and keep the game going. Who's the smart one??

She makes me laugh pretty much all day. If she starts to throw a fit, I make the same noise she makes and it stops her every time. She just looks at me in confusion and then giggles. It works for now. We'll see how long!

I just adore this little girl! If it's possible, every single week with her is a little bit more fun than the prior one. I am just such a fan of who she is growing up to be!


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

I want you to do the "I Am" post on my blog.

Paige said...

Her little shirt, looks perfect on her. The bright colors and her smile - love it!

Sarah said...

She is so adorable!! Ava's hair grew the same way and I was able to force the side part!! : )

Angie said...

Oh my cuteness...she is adorable :)


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