Thursday, January 27, 2011

did i get too cocky?

Just when I thought I had this motherhood thing down, fate (or Satan or whatever) decides to step in and go oh I've got this and knock me right off my high horse.

I've been working out, cooking dinner, cleaning house. BG's been napping and we had us a good little schedule going.

Then there's today.

The house is a disaster. I do not know how since I literally cleaned all day Tuesday (what day is it?!?) but it is. There is dog hair, clothes, dishes, and toys everywhere. I can't deal.

I finally got my living room cleaned up during BG's twenty minute nap time (yes, twenty minutes even after getting up before six since she wet the bed, and we had to change the sheets at o' dark thirty), when my dog threw up.


As I cleaned the second pile up, BG threw Sophie in the mess and then lost it when I had to take her away to clean her.

Is this day serious???

We got to the grocery store and made it out alive only to have my bag break when I got to the car, almost shattering my jar of salsa. Then I dropped my keys trying to open the door and as I bent down to pick them up, BG picked that moment to throw herself backwards causing her to hit me in the teeth and ending with both of us in tears.

Currently, she is in her crib "napping". Meaning, she's been hollering, laughing, and crying for about two hours. I'm fixing to give up and just go get her.

I still need to fix dinner, but am seriously afraid something might blow up as it just seems like it might be that kind of day.

Ay yi yi.

It's seriously almost comical. And it's almost five which is awesome, because I can tag out to Mr. Perfect. Stick a fork in me. I am done son.


Mandy said...

:( Those days just suck. Have some wine and a cookie and hopefully tomorrow will be better!!!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You definitely didn't get too cocky! Man, what a day!! Hopefully you got all the bad out in this one day so you can wake up tomorrow with only sunshine ;) Take a deep breath... today is almost over!

Ashley Paige said...

Oh Mama. Your day. I have to laugh because I know exactly what you're going through. After C pulled the mug off the table, followed by the Brita, Sheepie threw up in the living room on the brand new rug (do we share the same life?). I spent ALL day doing laundry and managed to have 2 completed loads to show for us. I tried sticking C in the Moby and he looked at me like I was tying his arms and legs together and stringing him from a flagpole. I dont understand these babies sometimes..

The good news? Tomorrow is another day.. and Mr. Perfect should be home any minute! Hugs and hugs and hugs!!

A.B. said...

Girl, all prayers with you. Enjoy a cocktail tonight. I'll have one for you. That is a loooooooongggg day.

Lauren said...

You poor thing!!!! Sometimes on days like these you just can't help but laugh!!!

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

Oh no, what a day full of mishaps! I am happy for you that your baby girl is sleeping better today.
I love how you said fate, or Satan, or whatever. Makes me laugh!

~Ashlea~ said...

I have a 10 month old and I know these days all too well myself!!

I have a tip for you that just might save your sanity a little in the middle of the night. (It did mine anyway!) I bought 2 waterproof mattress covers for the crib and I have 2 fitted sheets. I layer the mattress with cover 1, sheet 1, cover 2, sheet 2. Then, in the middle of the night when the little one wets the bed, all you have to do is remove the top layer and wash it later in the day!

Hope it helps!

LG said...

That is def. one of "those days" but it was pretty comical the way you described it all! Glad she is back to sleeping well today! Peebs is back there bam baming the bed with his legs till he drifts off!


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