Friday, January 7, 2011

just one of them days...

"That a girl goes through.." Thanks Monica.

Good grief.

I am the type of person that does not do well with frustration. I don't like when people don't say what they mean, don't like waiting on other people, don't like when I can't make something better when something is clearly wrong.

So when a nine month old has one of her "off" days where naps are non-existent and crying and fussing are the norm, I sort of want to hang myself with my rapidly fraying rope.

Our morning started off grand. BG slept until eight thirty. I actually woke up at seven thirty and upon realizing I hadn't heard from her, had a mild panic attack and convinced myself she wasn't breathing and ran to her room.

She just wanted to sleep late. Fine by me.

When she woke up an hour later, she was cranky. Very odd. And it just got worse.

She was fine til time for her first nap. She was not having it.

Eventually I gave up, and then, so did she. She conked out at lunch time.

I scarfed down some food and twenty five minutes later, she was raring to go again.

We had a little Baby Einstein time..

..practiced climbing on furniture..

..figured out our "tippy toes".. the paper..

and chased the cat.

Know what I didn't mention?

A nap.

Because apparently this girl don't need no nap.

She got super fussy right around two forty five, which is nap time. I went through the nap time routine and put her to bed.

She screamed for over an hour.

We rocked, we cuddled, we walked, we Ben-Gayed the teeth.

Mama got punched in the face, the tata's, the lip. She didn't want to be held, didn't want to lay down, didn't want to get down.

It was not good times.

I actually had to set her down and walk away. I couldn't deal. She was not happy with anything.

Fortunately after during a small bottle, she passed out in my arms.

I just held her and rocked her and thanked God for her even in these not so fun times.

Then I prayed for her husband, wherever he is, because he needs to be building up strength now.

She woke up about twenty minutes later with the smile I love on her face. Then she showed Daddy the new trick she picked up today.

She crawls on her hands and feet now. It's hilarious. You can kind of see it in this video which got really long because I just like watching her.


And then.. Daddy took the baby and Mama for mexican and beers.

Amazingly, all is right with the world again.

No one said this would be easy.


Tahnie said...

Those days are brutal. I had one yesterday; horrible stomach cramps as a side effect of medication, fussy baby that isn't happy no matter what. I let myself vent and be frustrated, then we had a tea party. Three children with my disease are in the hospital and I just had to stop being so selfish and count my blessings. (Even though it is rough!)

d.a.r. said...

Ack. Hang in there. Her beautiful lil smile is totally worth it!! I hope you get some sleep soon!


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