Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Our computer is currently down and it is downright killing me. I had a million blog posts I wanted to do, but can't now because I need my pictures the computer is holding hostage. I'm really out of sorts without my pictures. And honestly? Kind of can't breathe when I think of posts getting out of order because of this situation.

I'm certifiable. This I know.

Let's change the subject okay? Okay.

1. Yesterday I got up and hit the gym at five thirty AM. After going to bed at one. Not going to lie, felt great. About seven fifteen, I got super, super tired but knew there was no point in "cat napping" since BG gets up at 7:30. Coffee to the rescue. Somehow despite my all day exhaustion, I still couldn't get to bed early last night.

2. After working out yesterday, I slept late today but did the Shred tonight. Two days of working out, semi warmer weather, a couple of dates with BG at the park, and I feel like myself again. Take that SAD.

3. While we were having some warmer days, I woke up to snow on the ground yesterday. Are you freakin' kidding me? I am so, so done with winter. Please bring on the Spring.

4. I danced around the apartment for twenty minutes tonight in my underwear. It felt amazing.

5. TMI maybe, but ever since I gave birth, it feels really weird to do jumping jacks. I don't like it.

6. I don't like push-ups either. I feel like Jillian puts them first to weed out the weaklings. Almost works on me every single time.

7. Jillian almost falls doing the bicycle kicks on level one. The girls behind her are totally laughing. I laugh every single time I see it. I'm like a twelve year old.

8. I am currently addicted to soft chocolate chip cookies. Addicted. Like I'm pretty sure I'm going to start sweating them out or something. I am not allowed to buy anymore. Ever.

9. Sara has talked about frozen grapes enough that I decided I needed to try them. Pure deliciousness. Not as delicious as a chocolate chip cookie, but fixing to have to do.

10. Since I moved to this lovely small town in South Carolina, I have heard some of the rudest things ever be said to me. Seriously, I have a whole post in the works on the crap people think is okay to say.

I have no idea what I just typed. Welcome to la brain de this girl.


Mandy said...

OMG...I feel the same way about jumping jacks! I am super scared what popping a second baby out of my girlie bits will do!

Jenni said...

"TMI maybe, but ever since I gave birth, it feels really weird to do jumping jacks. I don't like it." LOL!!! This made me laugh!!!

I enjoyed this post! ;)

A.B. said...

This entire post is simply amazing. Love it.

Paige said...

Love this post! But you have me craving soft chocolate chip cookies now!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Yea for giving frozen grapes a chance!!! Love, love, love them...especially when you have a sore throat. Wonderful!
But, am I eating frozen grapes right now? No...I'm shoveling warm chocolate chip cookies into my mouth...at lightening speed. =(

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Frozen grapes are delicious! Love 'em :-)

Tahnie said...

Jumping Jacks after childbirth is just mean. HA! ;)

So sorry people are being so rude to you in SC. People in Utah are mean too.

I'm learning this year that winter with a baby is HARD! But I'm so grateful for all of it.

MB said...

Sorry to hear you've run into so many rude people in SC. There are quite a bit of them - but there are a lot of great people here, too! :)

Ashley said...

I share your love for soft chocolate chip cookies. I prefer them underbaked, and I canNOT have them in the house unless it's okay if I eat basically every single one in one sitting.

I'm seriously not surprised that BG got a call back from the modeling thing, she is so gorgeous! But I hear ya on your decision to not do anything, you never know about those things...

Anonymous said...

Love your post today. Love the honesty. You are too funny my friend.

Oh and soft chocolate chip cookies are awesome!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Fun post!
Sorry your comp is done.
Good for you for working out and getting outside.
I can't wait to read the rude people post. In Los Angeles people don't talk to each other -- we just ignore each other -- maybe that's rude.

Carrie said...

This post made me laugh real loud! I feel ya on the jumping jacks!

Annie said...

haha! i love this post ;)
good for you on working out 2 days in a row, i know it's not easy!
i love that you shared TMI with us, haha! dance your heart out girly!
and like you, i'm totally over winter! beyond ready for spring and i know it will be nothing near warm for at lesat another 2-3 months for me :(

d.a.r. said...

Yay 530 workouts!! So happy for you!! It gets easier, I SWEAR!

And ugh, I have major SAD. I am so happy it isn't pitch black out when I get to the office AND when I leave now. Thank GOD.

Jennifer said...

Yes - I'm not a fan of jumping jacks right now. I had to do them during a wii dance game and it was not good, and then my sister had me laughing hysterically...really not good!


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