Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365: Week 2

Week 2- check.

I've officially stuck with this longer than most of my relationships.


Sort of.

So my pictures for the week. I could realistically just put up a picture of a frozen over parking lot and that would sum up the whole week. Or a girl sliding on the ice. That would do it too. Because that was pretty much my week thanks to Snowmaggedon 2011.

But let's not and say we did.

Sunday, January 9th.

I put Baby Girl's formula into her sippy cup for the first time just to see how she did. Didn't even phase her. She killed it.

Monday, January 10th.

This was our snow day, the day we got blasted with a ton of snow (for the South) and Mr. Perfect, BG and I holed up inside all day. Our apartment complex was covered in at least six inches of snow.

Tuesday, January 11th.
We moved BG up to the big girl tub. She took a minute to fall in love with the idea, but now she's totally digging all the extra space to thrash around in.

Wednesday, January 12th.
I had a meeting up in Seneca, so I took a little drive up there on Wednesday. Somehow I got super lost and ended up driving 45 minutes out of my way trying to get home. But I found my future home, so not a wasted trip.

Thursday, January 13th.
BG has been taking some awesome naps lately. Like, not even moving. So when I went to get her up and saw how hard she'd been sleeping on her hand, I had to take a picture. You know that's the mark of a good nap!

Friday, January 14th.
We ventured down to Columbia to meet up with Hudson and Erin for a bit. This was the best picture I could get of the little ones. They're quick!

Saturday , January 15th.
41 weeks. My how I love that smile!


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Your future home is GORGEOUS. I love all the space. Where is it? And, girl...I'm moving there one day. Lol.

E is so grown-up. That teethy smile kills me. Kills me.

Is it gross that I wish E and J could take a bath together? We have lots of room in ours!!!

Carrie said...

Y'all did get a lot of snow! We transitioned to sippy's to and H acted like nothing was wrong so I guess she is weaned from the bottle. Is it suppose to be that easy?!?!

Anonymous said...

Your girl is beautiful! I got to give my godson a bath in the "big tub" over Christmas and he was hilarious in there. Needless to say, I came out soaked = )

Have a great week.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

hahaha! love that picture of them! we loved having you hear. loving the future home too.


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