Wednesday, January 12, 2011

survival tips: part deux

A while back, I mentioned a few products that helped us survive the first three months of Baby Girl's life. Over the past few months as she's grown, so had her need for different items and toys.

I will say this; the kid has a lot of toys which honestly? 95% of them don't get messed with. When she started crawling at seven months, she quickly decided she was too busy for, oh, just about everything. These items are what we've loved and that she has gotten the most out of.

Boogie Wipes- BG loathes having her nose cleaned out. Loathes. And as much as I like wrestling a gator trying to hold her down, I pick my battles. Boogie Wipes it is. To be honest, she pretty much hates these too, but they get her nose clear.

Munchkin Formula Dispenser- I pink puffy heart this thing. For a babe as on the go as this little one, it's very necessary. Ours has four compartments, the exact amount we would use a day. It's so easy to mix a bottle on the go with this thing.

Teething Feeder- I used to put ice in here when she was cutting her bottom teeth, now I put chunks of fruit in there for her to gnaw on. She's a big fan of apples in there.

Gerber spoons- These are the perfect size for that little mouth.

Halo Sleep Sack- As soon as BG started rolling over, we switched to the Sleep Sack. She used this for a few months, until recently. Now, she sleeps with her little blanket. Horrors I know, but she loves it and cuddles with it. She grew out of the Sleep Sack in that she was moving so much that it hindered her and woke her up. So off it came.

Baby Einstein Jumper- We've been putting BG in this for months and as she's gotten bigger, the more she's enjoyed it. Now that she can make it make noise and play with some of the things we've clipped to the side, it's more fun. Added bonus? Every single time you put her in there, there's a guaranteed poopy. For those constipated days. Just saying.

Sophie- Most definitely one of the biggest must haves in our house. BG doesn't chew on her as much now, but just bringing her out will put a smile on my little one's face. There's like baby crack in that plastic toy somewhere.

Fisher Price Aquarium- (this is not the one we have, but same concept). We turn this off every single night to put BG to sleep. She's gotten to the point now where the minute you lay her down, she looks at this thing and waits for it to come on. She will also turn it on herself now if she wakes up in the night and she goes right back to sleep.

Sleep Sheep
- We've used the Sleep Sheep for months now. It has gradually moved from hanging outside her crib to inside (when kept pulling the velcro apart and night and then getting mad when it fell to the floor), to now sitting inside and getting the occasional cuddle.

Bumbo- Also the tray. We've outgrown this now (you've seen her thighs right?), but used this for months to feed her, let her watch tv, or just hang out at the dinner table with us. It's been retired now (sigh..) but definitely got it's use.

Baby Einstein DVD's- Up until BG became mobile, these were a hit in our house. I could pop in one of these and bam, have thirty minutes while my kid was hypnotized watching intently. Now? She's lost interest. I can get maybe five minutes out of her with one of these. But they are great background music and if she's going to get distracted by something on tv, I'd rather it be this.

This rattle
- I don't know if it became a security device or what, but she has loved this rattle for months. We NEVER left home without it. It's kind of sad that she's not as attached anymore. I mean, it's in every photo we have for five months!

- Or "Wubbie" in this house. My best friend gave this to BG in the hospital and when she was little, she kind of hated it and would only use Nuk paci's. Now? She's all about the Wubbie. She loves to pet the toy, and stroke it to fall asleep. The Wubbie has lately become what we can't leave our house without.

Munchkin Bathtub- So cute and such a great tub to transition to the big tub.

Every single baby is different, but these are just some of the items that we use on an everyday basis and that we have grown to love.


Lindsey said...

We call our jumperoo the pooperoo. Nothing like pulling Connor out of it and sniffing his butt before putting him on the floor! Love Boogie Wipes, too!

Shannon said...

So many wonderful items in this list! I know I wouldn't have survived GG's first year without many of them!

New to you blog! Your lil' is adorable!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! My kiddo is about two weeks older than BG, so we've also outgrown some of the same things. However, I will definitely have to try the Teething Feeder. Apparently having difficulty getting little boys to eat solid food is normal. Ha ha

Newlywed Next Door said...

This is great! I definitely need to bookmark this for the future :)


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