Saturday, January 15, 2011

release the thoughts.

As in "release the hounds". Get it? Yea, pretty much got nothing over here but a hodge podge of thoughts. Here goes.

It is ridiculous cold outside. Ridiculous. There is ice everywhere. The South doesn't know how to handle ice, therefore we've been iced in for days. I gots the cabin fever mad bad. Which is odd because it's not like we usually go anywhere anyway. But I like to have the option.

Seeing as how it's all icy and junk, the local apartment meatheads apparently can't work out at Gold's or Jack's Jumbo Men or wherever it is they usually work out, because they are currently sweating it out working out in my trusty apartment fitness room sweating all over my treadmill.

Gross. Tuesday night, I turned around and went back home when I saw a guy on my treadmill watching Seinfield. First of all, who works out to Seinfield? Second of all, the room smelled like smelly sausage. No thanks. Wednesday night a guy was in there on the weights when I got there. Whatever I just minded my own business and hoped on the treadmill. He left after about ten minutes and I switched the tv to a Sex and The City rerun.

After awhile another guy came in and got on the bike right. next. to. me.

Picture this: me and rando guy working out side by side to SATC. And not just any episode. No. A very special fig eating episode (you'll remember if you've seen it).

I died. Literally I turned off the treadmill, handed him the remote, and bolted.

Thursday night I got there, and that guy was in there. No thanks. I did my run outside.

Yes, outside. In the 29 degree weather.

I want to meet up with Amy and get all "tested out" and stuff, but I don't want to be out of shape when I do it. So basically Amy, I ran outside tonight for you!

Change of subject.

We moved BG out of the old faithful duck tub. I kind of have a small case of the sads doing it because she loves that hunk of plastic, but it's time. She needs more room to splash and crawl around.

Mr. Perfect has been fighting me on this transition for days. He says that with the way she flops and thrashes around that she's going to bust her head open.

Very real possibility, but I was willing to give it a try.

Not sure she knew exactly what to think at first, as evidenced by her bolting out.

Once she got some of her super fun letters in there, she was alright with things.

I really can't believe she's in the big tub. Big kids bathe in the big tub. Not little tiny newborn babies.. :(

BG's first birthday is quickly approaching and I am in full on planner mode. Yes, it might be early. But I am a grade A procrastinator and I refuse to let myself wait to the last minute on this one. Fortunately, after a few brainstorming g-chats with Erin, I have a theme and I am on the prowl for some goodies. Can't wait to bounce some ideas off of y'all.

We're trying out a new church in the a.m. I'm really hoping we like it because I miss having a home church big time.

I should go to bed so I'm not an ogre when we get there.

Good idea. Night y'all..


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Ugh, there's nothing so gross as smelly boys stinking up the gym! Blech! I would've run outside, too :-)

Angie said... are dedicated. I would die running in 29 degree weather...burrrr.

I too have some serious cabin fever. Come on spring!


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