Monday, March 30, 2009

Baltimore- The Rest of the Time

So back to my trip to Baltimore and then I'm done, because I can't even really remember now what we did.

We got up the 2nd day and headed to a few antique shops. We were told they would be open. Most were not. Plus it was raining. Not cool Baltimore tour guide.

My parents on Antique Row. Check out my Dad's cool new "Samuel L. Jackson" hat. Yea.. he's rocking it.

Mr. Perfect in the ridiculously uncomfortable, over priced, antique chair..

We then walked down to an older section of Baltimore that was supposed to be pretty trendy and cool. Maybe we didn't find it...? We did happen upon some pretty obnoxious drunks. At 2 in the afternoon. On a Sunday. Hmmmm... But I did find a pretty cool consignment shop. I do love anything old!! I can't help it. I find some of the coolest pieces.

Today wasn't one of those days. Oh well.

Lunch was delish. It was in an old house on the Harbor. I had oysters. Shocker.

The whole day was just rainy and gross so we headed back to my parents house and ordered in Chinese. Then cuddled up and watched Desperate Housewives and my fave Brothers and Sisters.

The next day I actually felt like boo. The cold and rain had caught up to me. Blah. We still managed to meet my Dad when he got off work and headed to Annapolis. So glad we did. I wasn't a huge fan of Baltimore (hope no one gets mad!!), but I loved Annapolis. It was such a cute, quaint, little town. We walked around the downtown area but as is usual with my family, we had to head to the military attraction in the city; the Naval Academy. Just in case you don't know, both my grandfathers and both my parents have served in the Air Force, and the little brother is in the Marines, so I'm a sucker for anything military.

For the Marine who's actually stationed at Camp Lejeune


The Tomb of John Paul Jones, basically the father of the modern US Navy.

We got to tour the chapel and crypt and all. We were one of like 10 people there and unfortunately the Seamen were on Spring Break! Oh well...

Us. And one of the last pictures of those diamonds.. =( One fell out at my last soccer game when I got knocked in the head. So of course I took out the other one and then left them. I didn't even get to say good bye...

It was a great trip. We crammed a lot in just a few days. I hate that it was so cold because I just don't do cold well (aka: I complained a lot!). But it was fun and oh so good to see the parental units!


Am said...

Glad y'all had fun even if Baltimore wasn't what you wanted exactly. I've never been.

emily_howard said...

Don't you love the Naval Academy? The campus or "yard" as it is called is so beautiful...I love it! Glad you enjoyed it!

My name is Megan... said...

gosh yall did do a lot!!! that is good though to see everything ! or how i feel anyway :) now, next time when you go will feel like you know the place!

SassyEngineer said...

I have never been to that area, but I will be this summer. I hope I get to look around a bit. Looks like fun even with the icky weather :)


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