Tuesday, March 31, 2009

you need a what?!

Funniest thing a man said today.

A woman dropped off her cat this morning for treatment. We're talking a 16 year old, sick, cat. He's cranky, old, grouchy, ugly.. but clearly loved.

Or at least by the woman.

This afternoon she sends her husband to pick him up. This was after she called multiple times to check on "Stormy". He gets there, checks out, our receptionist brings him the cat and asks,

"Is there anything else I can get for you or Stormy today?"

Man looks right back at her and says,

"I'm good. But he could use a coffin."

I cracked up. I don't even know why that's so funny to me. Goes to show you what a man will do for his wife though!!

PS- The dresses in the below post can be found at Nordstroms. We of course don't have a store in 'ol Sav, but I have a mighty full shopping cart online....

Also- Thank you Dancing with the Stars for finally getting rid of the "Woz". While endearing he was just getting harder and harder to watch. Let's keep up with the good eliminations by getting rid of Megan tomorrow!!


Leslie said...

LOL. I love it!!! Amen on the eliminations!!! I'm ready to see her twisty dance out the door!

emily_howard said...

I am so shopping at Nordstroms on my lunch break!

Jennifer said...

That story about the cat is funny! I have a friend who works at an Animal Hospital in the Savannah area and she keeps me laughing with crazy stories of the animals.

Lindsey said...

Totally agree with you on DWTS and AI, hoping Megan goes home tonight too!


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