Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not Quite A Recap

American Idol just rocked my socks off.

I knew Matt would do good because this was right up his alley. I was so right.

Amazingly I really liked Adam tonite. A-M-A-Zing. Seriously. Did you see what he did?!?!

Liked Kris, but not as much as last week. However, I still think he is just adorable and I want to put him in my pocket so he can strum his guitar for me all day...

Ahem.. I digress.

Danny's always good. Little cheesy tonite, but always good.

I'm over the girls. They need to go. And if I have to watch Megan do her little "robot dance" one more time, I might throw away my tv.

But that would be stupid. So let's just vote her off for the sake of my flat screen. =)

Mr. Perfect had the day off today. I came home to completely painted furniture and a clean house. Oh! And dinner! I do love that man.

I have some bad allergy problems kicking my butt right now. I still managed to play soccer Sunday and today, and run on Monday and Tuesday. Not going to lie though.. Had 3.6 miles down for Monday. Did 3.1. If I'd had my cell on me I would have stopped and had Mr. Perfect come get me. I. Was. Exhausted. And sore. My soccer game on Sunday almost killed me. I'm still sore!

Oh age 26.. you are not being kind to me.

The new girl at work had almost the same scrubs on today as me. Not cool. We're going to have to talk about that.

I'm kidding. .::kinda::.

More American Idol tomorrow..... yay!


Lindsey said...

Ok I agree 100% with you on American Idol!! I am over the girls and all about Matt, Danny, and Adam, they rock!!

Leslie said...

I'm done with the girls too. However, I'm also done with Adam. Ugh. Now he just annoys me. lol Danny is my favorite. :)


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