Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before... And After (Well Middle!)

I mentioned that we were undertaking a little home improvement project. It's actually going amazingly well. Probably because my involvement in the tiling of the floor has been minimal at best.

Not my cup of tea. And apparently Mr. Perfect has this "system" that I don't work very well with.


Here's how our room looked before. Keep in mind that we did not vacuum before ripping up the carpet and that this girl walked around dragging up the hair on the carpet to make a really disgusting looking ball. I took a picture of that ball but Mr. Perfect made me delete it. I think he called it something really disgusting first though. =)

This is the room before:

Hi there Mr. Nasty Hairball of Dog/Cat Hair.

A view of my closet from in the room:

I was supposed to move all of my clothes out of there. I lost interest in that chore about halfway through.

The pups checking out the process:

And then after we got the tile down (but before the grout):

I am in love!

It is so nice! My little tile layer did such a great job! I need to get a photo now. We replaced the blinds. You may have noticed that nice cat sized hole; it now ceases to exist. We stripped down the furniture and painted it and got a new bedspread. We are almost done doing the dressers. As soon as that comes I'll put it on here. I am so excited! It honestly exceeded my expectations by far.

My only complaint: It is so cold on my feet.

Oh well. I guess I can go buy socks.


Lindsey said...

It looks great!!!

I wish you lived close too and we would totally get sushi together!=)

d.a.r. said...

Oooh looks fabulous! I loathe carpet, so I would love the tile!

Jon and Steph said...

Looks awesome. You guys did a great job! Tile is so much easier to clean!

jlc said...

I LOVEEE reading about renovations!! Keep em coming!!!

I sooo hear you on cold feet cause in both my houses all I have are hardwood floors.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Wow awesome job!! We have a lot of ceramic tile in our place and love it! We might take the challenge on in our next place =)


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