Friday, March 27, 2009


Today is Friday and tonite is..

Date Nite with the Hubs!!!

I am super excited. I do love a nite out with my man!

I told Mr. Perfect I had to sneak in a run before we hit the movies and he said, "Well that's cool but just make sure there's plenty of time for dinner."

Well, duh. We don't skip meals in this house.

Tomorrow morning is my first 5k. I might throw up. It doesn't help that I've been sick all week. Plus I'm running it with the pup and I haven't taken her out in months except for a mile the other nite. Eeek. Oh well, I'm sure we'll be fine.

Or not. Whatever.

Yesterday after work I was so tired I could barely form sentences. So I skipped the gym in leiu of laying on the couch watching DVR'd shows. But then I felt bad, so I grabbed the pup and took off running. I lost interest about 1 mile in. I told you I was tired!! But then I felt slack so I headed up to the gym. I ran another 2 miles and then did the stairmaster for a bit. I was then sufficiently sweaty so I headed on home.

Oh!! Last nite, I'm trucking along on the treadmill with the Ipod blaring when I hear this loud "thud". Heard it over the Ipod. So I turn and look and this guy like 5 treadmills over from me is picking himself up off the floor! His treadmill is still steady running. He flew off that joker!

I didn't laugh. Ok, I didn't laugh much. But it was hi-larious!! He's ok, don't worry. Oh dear gym.. you sure do keep me entertained.


Lindsey said...

Oh how you crack me up!!

First, yayayaya for date nights!!! And second, good luck tomorrow!! You are gonna rock it!

My name is Megan... said...

wow!! you are a running machine! that's awesome .good luck tomorrow!! happy date night :) xoxo

jlc said...

Can't wait to hear about your race!!! Good luck lady!!

And enjoy date night!! ;0)

Hollie said...

hilarious. we NEVER skip meals in this house either!

that's funny about the man and the treadmill....but i secretly feel sorry for him b/c i did the exact same thing about 5 years ago. my pride is still recovering. hahaahaa!

good luck on your race! you'll do great, i'm sure!

Hayley said...

Good luck with the race.

Thinking of starting running myself...really need to get in shape.


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