Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick Day.

Yup. I'm playing hooky and I love it. =)

I couldn't do it. I could barely get out of bed this morning. I've got hay fever ridiculous style and am so sore I can barely walk. So no work for this girl this am.

I have been super productive though.

Remember this comforter? Well it survived said skirmish with just a small stain. Like so small you can barely see it. Now it's been thrown up on. What?!? I don't understand how of all the easy to wipe up surfaces in our house, our dog gets sick on my white comforter!! And she's not even allowed on the bed!!

Needless to say I spent a good portion of the am at the cleaners. Grrr... Small stain, just got a bit bigger. I. Am. Not. Happy.

Then I headed over to WalMart. Oh help me.

Disclaimer: I HATE WalMart. If you are a fan, that is fine. I am not. I usually would rather drag myself through the pits of Hell than step into a WalMart. But I needed my oil changed and wanted to buy pillows so, multi purpose store was a must.

I had the best WalMart experience ever. No joke.

It started when I got to the Tire & Lube section. I pull in, turn my car off, and there's an attendant waiting to help me. Super friendly and quick and I was in the store in 5 minutes. Every customer was in a good mood, store clerks asked if I needed anything. Not going to lie, I seriously thought I was high off my allergy meds. I got my pillows and headed to the cashier. I got stuck in a line but it was still so quick. My cashier was uber-friendly. Greeter at the door said good-bye with a smile and got my cart for me. Got back to the oil counter and sat down. Was there for 2 minutes when one of the mechanics came and got me to tell me my car was done. Checked out. Another super friendly cashier. She did get onto me for drinking my Full Throttle (I know they're bad for me, but I don't care!) but at least she was nice about it. And mechanic guy even carried my bags to the car!!

Spring must be making everyone chipper. That lack of Vitamin D was starting to get to us, but.. looks like we pulled through! I was so pleasantly surprised I still am not sure it was a real WalMart!!

On another note.. Keep up your prayers for Stellan. As far as I can tell from Mckmamma's updates, he's still having a pretty hard time. Keep praying ladies!

I'm going to lay on the couch for a while and revel in my sick day. I promise you I really do feel bad!

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