Friday, March 13, 2009

A Venture Into Kroger....

Last nite after leaving the gym, I decided it would be nice of me to make dinner for Mr. Perfect. He had been out of town for work all day so I knew he would be tired and hungry when he got home. A + wife that I am headed on over to Kroger.

I think I may have mentioned it once before, but I HATE cooking. Everything about it makes me stressed out, bored, and almost crazy. I can't stand grocery stores either. They're always cold and the lines are always too long. Not to mention the at least 3 screaming children you will encounter.

Not my cup of tea.

But I had this recipe for low calorie beef strogonoff that I'd gotten off of d.a.r's blog that I was dying to try and I needed ingredients. So I'm strolling along looking for what I need when I got to the soup aisle. I was looking for beef consumme but could not find it anywhere. I saw beef broth and wanted to ask someone if it was the same thing. However, the only lady around had 2 screaming toddlers (only needed to find one more!) and I was not delaying her process of getting out of the store! So I picked up the beef broth and headed to the meat counter. I'm standing there looking for a package that says "hamburger". Could not find it. So I walk over to the meat counter and ask the guy working there if ground beef chuck is the same thing as hamburger. He stares blankly at me.

Meat Head: "It's all beef."
Me: "K. I know that. That's not my question. Is beef chuck the same as hamburger?"
Meat Head: "It's all beef!"

Dude!! I get that! (You may be thinking I am a moron right about now, but when I sa I don't cook, I can't stress to you enough how little I know about the kitchen, food, etc. It's sad really.)

Finally Meat Head and I pick out some lean ground beef and I head on out the store.
Fast forward about 20 minutes; I cannot figure out why my sauce is not thickening! I've put in flour, I let the juices boil off (I thought) it just wasn't thickening. Mr. Perfect calls and says he's on the way home and he's picking up seafood.

Me: "Uh uh Mister! I made dinner."
Mr. Perfect: "M, I'm really hungry...."
Me: "I knew you would be that's why I'm cooking."
Mr. Perfect: "I know... It's just, I'm really hungry.."

Loud and clear Mr. Perfect, loud and clear.

Nice way of showing his doubt in my cooking prowress huh?!?

Well my sauce never thickened up. Turns out beef broth and beef consumme are NOT the same things. Oh well. What are you going to do? It still turned out really good. Even Mr. Perfect had two helpings! I did get bored while cooking and ended up burning the squash. I have the attention span of a flea.

But it wasn't all bad. And the positive reaction I got from Mr. Perfect makes me want to try again. Just not anytime soon. Thank goodness for my Mr. Perfect! I mean, since he loves to cook, should I really take that joy away from him?!?


La vie est belle! said...

Haha, your post is hilarious! But, I love too cook! However, I'm with you on the grocery stores. BLAH. I HATE long lines with a passion. I'd rather eat raw broccoli. And I have the attention span of a flea too. :D :D

SassyEngineer said...

Haha - this story was so funny. Don't get too discouraged. I can cook, but it isn't always my favorite thing, and I also hate grocery shopping. I usually go to Kroger because I think their prices are pretty good, but it is always too cold. Keep trying though because you will eventually be a pro. I thought I could cook when I got married, and I knew how, but I had a very small recipe index. It grows over time :)

Lindsey said...

Haha! Ok I don't think you understand how alike we are! I get lost in Kroger too and end up finding nice people to ask silly cooking questions like what is minced garlic? haha AND I get bored and stressed out and end up burning something!!

jlc said...

Hahah!! We're def alike when it comes to skills in the kitchen. It's okay it'll come around!!

Hey the better you get, the more hope I'll have so keep trying!!


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