Thursday, May 3, 2012

life this side of two.

I'm not quite sure what I expected of Baby Girl's second year.

Okay, that's not true. Everyone has heard the rumors; the terrible two's. But I got to be honest? So far..

two is not terrible at all.

Now I do know the karma of the Internet and I'm so going to be blasted for that as you always are when you brag on your children and their eating, sleeping, or potty training (it all stops when you say it's going good people), but I'm willing to take my chances to brag on how good these days are.

Because when they do turn bad, I want to look back at this wistfully and sigh... and remember how good it was before karma got me.

Two so far? is kind of awesome.

This little person is just so stinking cool y'all. You can have conversations with her. She sings and dances with me. She laughs at my jokes. She makes jokes of her own.

It's like she's a real girl.

She does things like crawl in her old cradle as we disassemble it with her baby bottle and blankie and pretends to be a baby again. She laughs when we tell her she's silly and then she hams it up even more.

She plays in her room. Not always so quietly, but she'll go in there and entertain herself for a bit. Albeit, some days "entertaining herself" means pulling out every single book she owns and making a total mess. Whatever. I'll take it.

She's independent and has a mind of her own and she isn't afraid to show it. Which is why sometimes her bow doesn't match her clothes. She insists on wearing a bow, but she gets to pick it out. That's fine by me. I like a girl that knows what she wants.

She'll go outside and paint and for a few seconds (the longest she sits still), I can see the concentration and thought she puts into things and I know she's going to be great at what she does. Because she tries; hard.

She sings when you ask her to sing you a song. And she gets most of the words right. And even when she doesn't, it is still the most perfect little song sung in a perfect little voice.

She loves school and adores her friends and teachers, but her favorite people on the planet are still her Daddy and I. We still trump the rest and she lets us know it with lots of hugs and sweet kisses.

Life this side of two is really kind of awesome. I know they're going to get tough again, because that's what toddlers do, but right now? these days rock.


Tiff said...

She will always be a sweet girl! You do such a great job with her. Can't wait to see yall!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Hey, brag away ;) I find that one day is completely utterly amazing, and I'm all I COULD EAT HER UP THIS KID IS THE COOLEST EVER!! and then the next day we're having a really hard day (discipline wise-mainly)---and I think half of the problem lies in my attitude in dealing with it, you know? If I feel sick. If I feel tired. If I feel extra hormonal. But overall? These girls are pretty rad.

Britt said...

Soak it up mama!! Brag away!

I'm having a hard time right now... but one is closer to three and one is almost two. It will even out soon though, right? Right???? :)

overall, little girls are the bees knees though. love them

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

she is so cute, and your should absolutely brag on your child! Glad she is so good for you =)

Lucy Marie said...

I can't wait to sign onto my reader tomorrow and read your post that says how incredibly awful the terrible twos are. Kidddding. I'm sure that won't be the case. :) She is such a sweetie and I am so glad you're enjoying yourself over there on the other side of 2!!

The very best part of this post is when you said she's like a real girl. Cute.

Maydelin said...

wonderful two for you!! Enjoy


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