Sunday, May 27, 2012

project 366: week 21

Sunday, May 20th:

The problem with buying your kids clothes a season ahead is that they may possibly not fit when you get to the correct season. And then you will be sad when you have to sell an oh so cute dress on Ebay that your kid never got to wear. Sigh...

Monday, May 21st:

We had a low key celebration for Mr. P's birthday this year. Of course there was cake (or hot pink Princess cupcakes picked out by the toddler) as evidenced by BG's mouth in this picture. Then she helped him open his cards and gifts. This girl managed to get ZZ Top concert tickets for him. I may currently be winning the Wife of the Year race. Just saying.

Tuesday, May 22nd:

I redid BG's room again. We just flat out need more space. Although this layout works for now...

Wednesday, May 23rd:

Heading into school one early morning.

Thursday, May 24th:

BG and her best buddy, E, at their school's water day. They had a blast!

Friday, May 25th:

So much sass.

Saturday, May 26th:

Starting the holiday weekend off right with the pool at 9 am. No clue why that seemed like a good time to get outside. Toddler hours are crazy.

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A.B. said...

I love that sass picture!


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