Thursday, May 17, 2012

potty talk.

The title should have warned you.

It's potty talk time.

Months ago, BG got really interested in the potty. She was interested in all things bathroom including but not limited to, what we were doing in there, sitting in there, and talking about all bodily functions.

As first time parents, we got super excited and just KNEW that she was going to be potty trained early. And it would be awesome.

Then in true toddler fashion, she lost interest. Completely. And it was back to square one.

I'd been told time and time again to let this little milestone happen on her timetable and as frustrated as I was with buying diapers and changing her while wrestling a mud puppy multiple times a day, I was determined to let her lead.

So we backed off. And then she got really interested again.

So we bought her a little potty. We let her pick it out so it's pink and sings and is Princess themed. Typical.

For a while, she was really interested. But only in going numero dos. Which apparently is backwards. But whatever. She was interested. And we were all excited again.

And then she lost interest. Again.

Then suddenly the interest was back. And this time? it was in full force.

She figured out how to completely disrobe (yes, including those lovely diapers) herself and was coming to us to go. So we hit it hard. We bought m & m's and stickers and got ready to make a potty chart (which still hasn't happened) and we hit the ground running.

I wanted to initially move from diapers straight to big girl pants, but BG spends a lot of time at school and so that won't work there. But she has had so much success at school that her teacher wanted her in Pull-ups there so she could be a more active part.

No lie, I cried a little when I bought the first thing of Pull-ups. Those are so big girl ish.

We traveled to the beach a good four hours or so away this weekend with a potty training toddler. That was fun. We even packed up that little potty for the trip. And y'all; she told us when she had to go and we stopped the car for her to go in her own potty. It was magical. And slightly redneck. But whatever.

Now she's nowhere near all the way there. She's still in diapers at night and nap time and Pull-ups the rest of the time. I did buy her some big girl undies and am tempted to try them one weekend while it's just me and her at home, but honestly, I'm in no rush. She's leading this little cycle. And she's doing perfectly fine without my help.

Not going to lie, I'm pretty proud. She can slow down on this growing up thing though. She's killing me slowly.


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

So cute that you pulled over to let her go in her own potty!! She is still young... my nephew is 3 and he is just now showing an interest :)

Shannon Dew said...

Yay Ella!!! Omg so awesome! Right now kp couldn't care less! We are going on vaca (10 hr drive) in August & I don't think we'll even attempt it till were back

Amber said...

We are fixing to begin potty training so very interesting to hear you survived the trip! I will have to remember to bring the potty too.


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