Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tuesday tidbits.

I am so in a post vacation funk.

Like I need meds. Please.

Or maybe the issue is I still haven't made it back to work and I just need my schedule back to normal.

Or I need meds. Whatever.

We're home, from the beach. And I have the sads. But I've said that already. I really want to write an "I love being a Mom so much" Mother's Day post, but I'm currently not feeling it. So you get this instead. Yay you.

Remember that Internet karma I talked about here?

Yea. It came back to bite me in the butt. BG has been in rare form lately and I am exhausted by it. She wants what she wants and immediately. If she doesn't get it? she loses her everloving mind. It's fun. Only not at all.

I can't tell you how many times she acted the fool on vacation. I was spent. And embarrassed. Because lets face it; no one likes having that kid.

Only I did. I could see the look on my brother and his wife's (whoa that sounds weird) face way too many times to count.

I wanted to laugh and say "just you wait". Actually I did. Because it's coming.

So after that weekend, I'm tired.

Not to say we didn't have an amazing time, because we so did, but today I'm in a funk. So this is what you get.

I'm hung up on something that was said to me recently that perhaps I shouldn't be. And it's driving me nuts and adding to my funk. I should let it go.

I need to go run and clear my head.

Or go back to the beach.

Let's go with that one. Sigh.


Lucy Marie said...

The post vaca funk is the real deal. I know all about that. I hope you find the cure real fast. Maybe some hard liquor?

Ashley Paige said...

Gah. As awful as it is, I wish had a vacay to FEEL the god-awful post-vacay-funk.. or wait.. do i? because let's be honest, i'm sure i'd complain about it anyway. too hot, too fat, too pregnant, too whatever.. sigh. im with Lucy up there- get yourself a very large drink girlfriend.. we all have THAT KID.. any idea where we could trade them in? ;) XO!

Maydelin said...

I know sometimes is hard, sometimes you just wanna disappear... But well is just a phase

Kerina said...

Hope you feeling better. I am enjoying reading your posts

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I get the post-vacay funk in a bad way too, so I feel ya. And sorry about the toddler-times. I got the internet karma re: potty training. N hassn't used the potty in weeks and is back to taking his clothes off at night and wetting the bed. In the morning he says "It's ok. You can make a new one {bed}" Yeah, but I don't want to wash sheets every day! Ahh....well, it's almost the weekend!


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