Sunday, May 6, 2012

project 366: week 18

Sunday, April 29th:

BG has taken to biting her fingernails here lately. In an effort to curb that, I decided to paint her fingers and toes with "Princess" polish so that they'd be too beautiful for her to bite. Not sure that that worked, but my girl sure did enjoy her first little pedicure.

Monday, April 30th:

The little one was slightly sluggish on Monday morning as we were getting ready for school. Her teacher told me she wasn't slowing down any at school but then I got this with the caption "first one to sleep. That NEVER happens!". Whatever was bothering her that day is completely gone now though.

Tuesday, May 1st:

Looking super cute before school.

Wednesday, May 2nd:

I came home to this on Wednesday. Apparently Mr. P had picked up this little toy from Target and was so excited to show BG that he had picked her up early from school and already had her out there when I got home. Yes, her suit is on backwards...

Thursday, May 3rd:

Her "cheese" face. Love.

Friday, May 4th:

With her buddies at school. Kid is such a ham.

Saturday, May 5th:

BG and I rode with Tiff and T down to Columbia for little Hayes' birthday yesterday. I'll let his Mama show you pictures first, but this one ought to speak for how much fun they had.


Laura said...

Love your pictures and love your blog and love the title! That's a lot love! :o) Many Blessings!
Laura at Finding Encouragement. com

Rachel said...

LOVE that sleepy heads picture from Saturday!

So glad we FINALLY got to meet at the party. It was nice being able to give you a hug and meet sweet E :)

Kara said...

May 3 may be my fave Ella pic to date! Gorgeous child!!!

Karen said...

I love that pool toy! And the fact that her suit got put on backwards lol.

Amber said...

That pool sure does look like lots of fun!


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