Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial day weekend 2012

You know those weekends that you just want to bottle up forever and keep in your pocket to pull out time and time again when things are tough just so you can remember the good times?

Yea. That was this weekend.

The only thing that could have made it any better was if Mr. P had been able to take any time off. Poor guy worked the entire weekend. But, that gave BG and I some much needed bonding time as we've been butting heads more lately than singing Kumbayaa together.

Apparently BG got the memo that it was a holiday weekend and decided to start it bright and early Saturday morning. At seven something. Which isn't that early, but is very early for my child. Maybe moving her bed in front of the window really was a dumb idea...

Being as how we were up so early, but 9 am we were outside. And pooling it.

Last time we tried out the pool, BG was less than interested it. This time? She was over the moon. And stayed in it for an hour. While Mama got to sun and read and relax. It was just about heaven.

An early lunch and early nap were on the agenda since my best pal was coming to town to spend the afternoon with us. Fortunately, getting up at daybreak tires my child out and there were zero arguments at nap time.

Once AP arrived, we hit the road to Simpsonville for Freedom Weekend Aloft.

I'm sad I didn't realize this was going on sooner as Gavin Degraw played there the night before and I do love me some Gavin Degraw. Next time. Sigh.

Anyway, it was hot. So hot. But we strolled up and down every aisle checking out the booths and all the food. Weight Watchers points don't count on weekends. At least I sure didn't log my funnel cake, cotton candy, and drink. Oops.

We bought tickets for the bounce houses which BG loves, but as per usual, she decided to buck our plans and flat refused to go in a single bounce house. Nice. She did however entertain the crowd at the concert with her sweet dance moves and found a train that she just had to ride. Twice. But chickened out on the second time so really only once.

I take a lot of pictures when she's strapped in. Sue me. It's just about the only time I get a smile.

AP and I snuck away for a girl's dinner that night leaving Mr. P and BG home to crash on the couch early. And this girl was in bed at 9:30. I'm old.

Sunday I managed to get the little and I out the door to church by myself. You can go a head and put a "win" check in the box that is Sunday for that feat.

I suck at self portrait phone pictures.

BG took a ridiculously long nap that afternoon while I ugly cried over the last episode of Glee. True story. It was ugly. Then, we hit the pool outside again. Because it's gorgeous out. And, well, why not?

By Sunday evening, I was riding a "heart so full" high. I love my child more than life, but this age can be tiring and tough and lots of other adjectives that don't equal me feeling like I'm rocking the Mom hat. But this weekend? I felt like maybe I didn't suck at being a Mom.

Monday was just as good. We talked a bit about what Memorial Day meant as we put on our red, white, and blue to head to Target. She doesn't get it yet, but she will.

After Target and nap time in which I considered cleaning but ended up reading on the porch, we hooked up the pool to the hose and hit it hard again.

Even a small disaster with colored bubbles didn't dampen my spirits (although my deck now looks like someone was murdered on it, yay). We blew bubbles, we drove the Cozy Coupe around, we slid down the water slide; it was a perfect afternoon.

I'm not sure there's a better way to celebrate Memorial Day than by enjoying the freedom and the life I'm able to live because so many sacrificed everything. For them, I say thanks, for giving me a life in which I can have weekends like this.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

You are WAY beautiful, momma. Just thought I'd let you know ;)

A.B. said...

OH my goodness. Adorbs. Her in a suit? Love. Her strapped in? double love! No shame in photographing it! (I maybe laughed at my child while he threw a fit today. I left the room, fyi.)

You are hot and adorbs and so skinners!

In this wonderful life... said...

omw! you girls! BOTH so beautiful!!!!! I can't even stand how bad I wish we were neighbors!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I really want to get one of those pool/sprinkler combos for our deck!

Love your red top! Glad y'all had a great weekend!

Jen Watts said...

seriously, I'm hanging out with you girls next year!! looks like serious fun!

I just love your baby girl, she has the BIGGEST personality...and I totally "get" needing mommy/daughter time. Those days when you just click are so wonderful!


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