Friday, May 15, 2009


Huge THANK YOU to Ashley over at I Love You More Than Carrots for tagging me with this little ditty...

If by some chance you don't read her blog you should check it out.. Not only is she hilarious but she puts up the cutest pictures of her adorable pup that are positively droolworthy!! I do love a good pup pic!

My Queen duties include:
1. List 7 things that make me Awe-Summm
2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that I love
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too
(and link back to the Queen who tagged you)

Things that make me awesome... Oh where do I begin.. ;) i kid, i kid.
1. My front top two teeth are fake. Can't feel them at all. How I got two fake teeth, not so awesome, but having them... kinda cool!
2. I can always be counted on for a good laugh. Sometimes not on purpose! Whether it's making a klutz of myself or saying something ridiculously innapropriate, I will make you laugh at least a couple of times while we're together. I have a way of making a fool out of myself...
3. I can sleep through anything. Wearing anything. Anywhere. Anytime. I. LOVE. SLEEP. period.
4. I can't cook at all, but I can make a fierce mixed drink. Of any kind. It's a pretty impressive talent.
5. I can walk on the outside of my ankles. Actually I don't know if that's cool or freakish...
6. I can read my dogs mind. I kid you not. I always know exactly what's she been up to just by looking at her. You can't hide it from me.
7. That actually goes with people too. I'm ridiculously intuitive. I have a way of picking up stuff that I usually never want to know. More than likely, you can't keep a secret from me.. I've known that 4 of my friends were pregnant before they did.. just a little glimpse into my weirdom. (word?)

I'm tagging my 7 newest followers. Because I love them.

Miss Jody
Mommy to 3 and a Husky
Newlywed Next Door
Savannah Redtop

Ladies, you all are awesome!!!


jlc said...

I wanna hear the teeth story!!

And congrats on the award! You deserve it gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

I think you should share the teeth story too!

almost DUNN said...

reading this lets me know JUST HOW WELL we would get along! too much alike! except me two front teeth aren't fake...i wish...but they're not. overbite, yes. fake, no. hahaha!

SassyEngineer said...

Congrats on the award! I do think you are awesome :) I am a klutz too, and I always know what our dog is doing even if I can't see her. I just sense it!

Have a happy weekend :)

Megan said...

Congrats on the award! I have on fake tooth!

Ashley Paige said...

ok, now you HAVE to share the teeth story.. i have two teeth that have bonded overlays on them.. does that count? haha i cant feel them, either! it was cheaper than porcelain veneers, what can i say!? what a SUPER list.. award MUCH deserved, you blogging queen, you!

Rachel said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for choosing me :)

I love what you said about reading your dog's mind...I love to imagine what my dog would be saying if she could talk. Only another dog owner would understand!

MissJody said...

OH!! Thank you for the sweet tag! I will do will be hard, but I will!
Thank you very much!!xoxoox

Jen said...

Hay, I have two fake teeth, too But they're not the top-middles, they're the two outside of that ... I have no idea what they're called. :)


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