Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a pretty relaxing weekend this week. Thank goodness because I have been feeling ridiculously overwhelmed this week. We've got a new girl at work and, let's see... How can I put this nicely? She's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. She's killing me. Slowly. I don't do well in high stress environments and work has become one lately. Boo...

Friday nite while Mr. Perfect worked late, I curled up with a good movie. I can't tell you what it even was now because the dogs ruined it for me. Friday was an insane day at work that had me convinced the moon had to be full and bringing out all the crazies.. Guess that goes for the pups too. For some reason Lacy decided to be a complete b*%$# to Cash and kept attacking him. Now she's my baby, and she tends to get away with murder, but Cash is our "special" child, and you can't pick on him!! So I locked her up in time-out outside. =(

She went nuts. Crying, whining, hollering... I was watching her from the bedroom window and it broke my heart! I had to keep telling myself "Just 5 minutes, you just have to leave her in there 5 minutes..". I think she lasted three. I'm a big 'ol sucker for a sad face.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous here in town. Hot, but duh. It always is. The mister and I decided to make the most of a great day and cleaned out both our cars. Mine got done first, so it may have gotten the better treatment! We went out to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants that nite, the Dawghouse Grille. Lora (the Marine's gf) works there and had let us know that they were closing down this weekend. Boo. So we sent it out with style and ate ourselves into a minor food coma!! We came home and conked out and watched a bit of TV in bed.

Sunday we managed to drag our behinds out of bed in time for Sunday School. We had decided to stick around town this Mother's Day instead of hitting the road at all. We had a good service as usual, and I finally feel like maybe the people in the class are starting to warm up to us. My only trepidation about this class is that the people seem a bit standoffish. But I will break them down!! We didn't stick around for church. I just wasn't feeling quite emotionally stable enough to stick around for that... The mister was completely supportive and we dipped out early.

The Mister and I after church...

I had a soccer game that afternoon in the 98 degree heat. Yes, 98 degrees in May. Freakin' ridiculous. It must have been the heat that made me think I needed to head to Target and buy the Shred. And then do it that nite. I almost died. My muscles were on FIRE. It's actually 2 days later and they are still on fire. I literally am so sore I have to basically fall on the toilet seat. Sorry if that was TMI but.. Oh Jillian.. You will not beat me!!

This week is going to be insane. We've got soccer playoffs, mine and the mister's 4th anniversary, and some big birthday's coming up. I'm getting tired of thinking about all I have to get done... Hope you all have a great week!

And I made my first RueLala purchase! Yay! While I am in love with it, my bank account is hating 'ol Kate! I, however, am forever thankful to her for bringing my new BCBG dress into my life. It was simply meant to be mine..

I still have an update on all things family coming soon. Let me get my juices flowing again once things chill out at work!


Jennifer said...

What a great weekend! I love Ruelala! I spend way too much money there! So, is the Dawghouse closing forever? or just the weekend? It's a Savannah staple!

Sara said...

I've left you a gift on my blog, www.thisbeautifulthing.com, please stop by!


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