Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday J!!!

I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again.

I got pretty daggum lucky in the friend department. My friends are ah-ma-zing. Seriously.

And my best friend J? Pretty much my soul sista..

J moved to our little town in middle school from up North. It was 7th grade. Everyone's trying to figure out who they are. And J was this little skater chick weird girl. I was Miss Preppy. We did not mesh.

The next year we were offered the opportunity as 8th graders to play on the JV soccer team at the high school. She accepted. I chose cheer-leading. I figured play time was minimal (I was right), so I stuck with cheering for the school and playing city league soccer.

I think she thought I was snobby for that.. Silly girl.

When we reached our freshman year of high school, we were the only 9th graders that made the Varsity team. We were thrilled. We were so excited and pretty much thought we were the coolest things ever. J's family moved after our first game. And I sure did miss that girl.

Fortunately she moved back the next year. Before the soccer season started. We haven't been separated since.

We've seen each other through a lot. We've fought, we've cried, I've gotten married, she's had children. It's been a heckuva ride. The best part; we grew up together. She's no longer a skater girl. I'm no longer that preppy, peppy girl. We've grown into the freespirited, sometimes hippy, laid back women that I am so proud of.

J's the best mama I've seen. She has so much patience and energy with her two kiddos that I'm usually in awe. She's a single mom who always puts her kids first. And they are turning into amazing people. I'm pretty much a huge fan of hers.

So Happy Birthday to my BFF!! I hate that I can't see ya on your lovely 26th but we'll do it up right next time we're in the same town!!


My name is Megan... said...

cute pics! I loooooove good friends :)

Southern Pathways said...

friendships are such blessings! =)

Lindsey said...

Awww what a sweet post!!!

Southern Bride To Be said...

Aw, that is sweet!


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